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Frontline General

Collins Epic Wargames got their Spearpoint 1943: Eastern Front Kickstarter underway. Go and have yourself a look-see.


From the campaign:

Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943 Eastern Front is an easy to play tactical wargame set in the Eastern Front of WWII. It is a new standalone game in the Spearpoint 1943 Expandable Card Game (ECG) series.

Frontline General has only 3 days left in their Kickstarter for their Map Expansion.

From their announcement:

The Collins Epic Wargames Kickstarter Project for their Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943 Map Expansion ends on Jan 8th and could use a boost. Help send this game to production this month by pledging and receive a great game and cool rewards in the process. For additional information, please check out the main project page, project videos, and project updates.

Collins Epic Wargames have made the Frontline General Southern Italy Map available as a paid PDF download. Southern Italy Map From their website:
The Southern Italy Map (CEW00001A) is a huge 60"x50" wargame map accessory for use with Frontline General: Italian Campaign Introduction (CEW00001) and any other game set in Southern Italy that requires a hex grid. This map allows players to run larger campaign games using our ICI board/miniatures campaign system. The beautiful Mark Mahaffey artwork looks gorgeous once printed. Hex size is 1.25" across flats.

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