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Frontline Gamer has one last parting shot for their coverage of Kingdom Death (for now), with an interview with Adam Poots.From them to you:To finish off my week full of Kingdom Death reviews I've don
Frontline Gamer has posted what he claims will be his last Kingdom Death review (for now, anyway). But I bet he's not quite done with all things Kingdom Death just yet.From the review:Right this is th
Dungeons & Dragons Core Rulebook
Frontline Gamer is tireless in their reviewing of much of the Kingdom Death line. Next is the Flower Knight.From the review:The penultimate review of my Kingdom Death stuff. This time it's the modern
Frontline Gamer continues their Kingdom Death reviews with Kings Men... though there's just the one of them.From the review:I'm continuing my reviews of some of my Kingdom Death miniatures, given the
Frontline Gamer isn't just doing Kingdom Death stuff. He's got the last of his world-premier reveals for Heavy Gear Blitz.From the preview:Yep this is the last exclusive look at a new Gear that I've g
Frontline Gamer continues to navigate his way through the world of Kingdom Death reviews.From the review:OK so the first of today's two reviews is the Preacher Pinup. Well if I'm going to review some
Frontline Gamer gives us another Kingdom Death review with The Butcher.From the review:So yeah, it takes me ages to review a single Kingdom Death miniature and then I review two in one day. Go figure.
Frontline Gamer is going to be taking a look at several of the Kingdom Death line. He's starting with Grand Mother.From the review:Being as though the Kingdom Death - Monster Kickstarter campaign gets
Frontline Gamer snagged another of those "world exclusive" previews for Heavy Gear Blitz. This one's for the Salamander Gear.From the announcement:Frontline Gamer reveals another piece of concept art
Frontline Gamer nabbed this Dark Age Outcast Starter off of Bryan Steele when he wasn't looking and decided to do a review of it.From the review:Frontline gamer reviews the Outcast starter set for Dar
Frontline Gamer sent in the most cereal boxtops and was thus allowed to show off an exclusive look at the Diamondback for Heavy Gear Blitz before anyone else.From the reveal:Yay!!! I have a world excl
Frontline Gamer originally was going to type up this interview entirely in "Yarr!'s", as Freebooter Miniatures makes the pirate-themed game Freebooter's Fate, but eventually decided against it when hi
Frontline Gamer finished up his zombie games review with Zombicide.Though considering the amount of zombie-related things I've posted in the past month, he could keep going with the theme for at least
Frontline Gamer did all his typing for this review of Last Night on Earth in a graveyard under a full moon.From the review:Well I'm continuing my week of zombie related reviews, this time it is the tu
Frontline Gamer has been up to his armpits in zombie games this whole week. His next review is for Zombies!!! Director's Cut.From the review:Well having a week of articles based around zombies, and no
Frontline Gamer did this interview with Rob Butler while juggling sharks who were, themselves, juggling chainsaws. Some of us call that dangerous. He calls that that "Wednesday afternoon."From the int
Frontline Gamer gives us another Halloween-themed update with a review of Munchkin Zombies.And apparently I'm currently out of silly things to say about the subject...From the review:Frontline Gamer c
Frontline Gamer didn't have to hide in dumpsters or wear funny costumes or speak in a funny voice to do this review of Zombie Fluxx...It makes me a little sad, really...It's still a good review, thoug
Frontline Gamer sat down and had a chat with Emily Fontana from On the Lamb Games. They talked Kickstarter, nomenclature and more.Honestly, it's a great interview and you should go read it.From them t
Frontline Gamer posted up the second half of their review of the X-Wing Miniatures Game from Fantasy Flight Games.Incidentally: all of you readers named Luke? Frontline Gamer is your father.From the r
Frontline Gamer posted up a review of Fantasy Flight Games' X-Wing Miniatures game.Supposedly he'll also soon be posting up a soundtrack of him going, "Whooosh!", "Pew! Pew! Pew!" and bad Darth Vader
Frontline Gamer gives you another Freebooter's Fate model review with Casimeere Flynn.I hear tales that it was sculpted in Frontline's own image.From the Casanova:Frontline Gamer reviews the namby pam
Frontline Gamer didn't have to dress up as any sort of animal or hide in any dumpsters to bring you this review of Miedo a Morir from Freebooter's Fate... they just like doing that sort of thing.From
Frontline Gamer apparently didn't have to hide in dumpsters last time to get their interview, but I have it under good authority that at some point to get this one they had to dress up as an anthropom
Frontline Gamer had to hide in back alley dumpsters and trail Jake Thorton for weeks, learning his habits, studying his timetable and finally pouncing when the time was right to get this interview. Yo