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Is anyone else's week just racing by? It's already Thursday! I... should probably think about making plans for the weekend. Maybe get some gaming done. I've got some prototypes of games I need to look
The weekend is over. We're back at the office. The whole work week stretches out in front of us. But we're tough. We're strong. We'll break on through to the other side. For We. Are. Gamers! *strikes
Hellfire Club Mug
Comin' down the mountaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain! *guitar, guitar, guitar*Seeing as that's what Ray and I were just talking about that, and we are sliding down the mountain towards the weekend. Because s
... Wasn't it Friday just, like, 5 minutes ago? I could've sworn there was a weekend coming up. But now I'm back here in the office. Not that being in the office is terrible, or anything. I just have
Monday, Monday (ba-la, ba-la-la-laaaa). Some people (and Garfield) aren't fans of Monday. I don't necessarily dislike them. So no, I don't have a "Case of the Mondays." I hope you don't have them, eit
We are once more held in the grips of a Thursday. The gearing-up for the weekend has quite possibly begun. My weekend is currently still pretty open. I should look for a good recipe to try out. But in