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Front Arc

Is anyone else's week just racing by? It's already Thursday! I... should probably think about making plans for the weekend. Maybe get some gaming done. I've got some prototypes of games I need to look over for reviews. Gotta polish up some review articles as well. It's just all sorts of fun going on.

Anyway, as for right now, it's time to make your gaming tables look as good as possible with some new terrain.

Today's feature we have: Warsenal releases Thon Wave Two Terrain, Front Arc Launches Pre-painted Historical 15mm Wargaming Terrain Kickstarter, Infinity Engine Releases Molock Sphinx, and Final Days For Battle System Urban Apocalypse Terrain On Kickstarter

The weekend is over. We're back at the office. The whole work week stretches out in front of us. But we're tough. We're strong. We'll break on through to the other side. For We. Are. Gamers! *strikes a pose*
... Ok, enough of that. It's time for another Terrain Corner feature.

This installment we have: New LCVP Higgins Boat From Sarissa Precision and Warlord Games and Front Arc announced Neo gothic church terrain set - the last set for their upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

Comin' down the mountaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain! *guitar, guitar, guitar*
Seeing as that's what Ray and I were just talking about that, and we are sliding down the mountain towards the weekend. Because segue!
Mountains can also be used as terrain for your minis games.
Because another segue!
Add those all up and we've got Thursday's Terrain Corner.

Today's stories are: Front Arc announces playmat by Deep-Cut Studio for their upcoming Kickstarter campaign, New Tablescapes Tiles Options From Secret Weapon, and Mantic Adds Terrain to Warzone Kickstarter.

... Wasn't it Friday just, like, 5 minutes ago? I could've sworn there was a weekend coming up. But now I'm back here in the office. Not that being in the office is terrible, or anything. I just have a lot of stuff I need to get done. O,o

Anyway, since it is Monday, it's time for a Terrain Corner.

Today's installment has: Front Arc revealed new set of ruins from their upcoming Kickstarter campaign, Heroic Maps Releases Cave of the Five Brothers Maps, Pwork Wargames releases new gaming mat for futuristic battles, Less than 10 days to jump in to the Miniature Building Authority Town Kickstarter, and Heroic Maps Releases Prison Cells Maps.

Monday, Monday (ba-la, ba-la-la-laaaa). Some people (and Garfield) aren't fans of Monday. I don't necessarily dislike them. So no, I don't have a "Case of the Mondays." I hope you don't have them, either.

What I do have is a case of "Terrain Corner Fever." The only cure is telling you about the terrain stories I've come across recently (and more cowbell, because more cowbell is always needed).

Today's stories include: New Terra-Block Warehouse Kit From Sally 4th, New in the Buxey 1815 Collection from Battlefield Buildings: Gemioncourt Farm, Stacks of Crates Set 1 Now Available from Tabletop-Art, Mini Duels Table Top Terrain for 28mm games On Kickstarter, Manorhouse Workshop Update # 2 – Modular Terrain, and Front Arc announced new watchtowers and bridges set.

We are once more held in the grips of a Thursday. The gearing-up for the weekend has quite possibly begun. My weekend is currently still pretty open. I should look for a good recipe to try out. But in the meantime, we have our Terrain Corner feature to talk about. Gotta make sure your gaming tables look the best!

Today's articles include: Miniature Building Authority Kickstarter “The Town” is Live, Front Arc announce some 15mm historical buildings from their upcoming Kickstarter campaign, New Pipe Works Tower Kit From Mechanical Warhorse, Front Arc presents transport themed building set for their upcoming Kickstarter, and New Modular Terrain for Wargames Coming From Manorhouse Workshop.