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From the Hip

Monday is gone. Tuesday is here. I'm working on still recovering a bit from the CMON Expo. Though last night I got a wild notion to make 2 batches of double-chocolate cookies and then make homemade raspberry sauce and attempt my first batch of homemade caramel. Because... *shrugs a lot*

When I have culinary projects I'm working on, I'll often have gaming stuff going on as well, mixing my two pastimes together. Well, now we've got our podcast roundup so if you're even just boiling water for Ramen (which was dinner yesterday), you can still get some gaming-time in (of sorts).

Today we have: Epic Gaming Night Podcast Ep 53 Competitive Gaming, Game Classy 113: Age of Sigmar Throws in the Towel, From the Hip CT Festival of Indie Games, Dr. Raffael Boccamazzo on D&D and Autism, Skirmish Supremacy Podcast Episode Fourteen: Homebrew Worlds, All Us Geeks Can The Geeks Episode 66: Roll With Hero Dice?, and News of the North – 2016-05-10.