Fractured Dimensions

Fractured Dimensions previews Type V Demon WIPs

Fractured Dimensions previewed a couple Type V Demon WIPs. One's dressed. The other, not so much.


From the preview:

Paul finished the Type V today. I think he may want me dead for having him do this but he is finished now and I think it looks really good.

So the miniature will come in 9 pieces: a torso with head attached, the lower snake body, 6 arms with hand weapons, and the arms with the spear.

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Fractured Dimensions previews more greens and art in Kickstarter campaign

Fractured Dimensions shows off some more greens and some new artwork over in their Infernal Miniatures Kickstarter.

From the update:

Every backer at the Duke of Hell level and higher will get a free Troll Deity. Sculpted by Sandy Garrity he stands roughly 52mm tall. This miniature will be available to all backers for an additional $18.00 or 20 points.

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Fractured Dimensions Infernal Minions of the Outer Planes Kickstarter Launches

Fractured Dimensions launched a Kickstarter in order to fund 8 Minions of the Outer Planes models.

From the campaign:

The goal of this project is to produce and release a range of high quality old school demons, daemons, and devils for Roleplaying and Wargaming. Stylistically the intent is to create a range of miniatures that combine an old school vibe with current sculpting styles.

In order to achieve this goal each monster is designed to look as if it has lived a little. They collect items, use weapons, and wear armor. In essence I am looking to create a fantasy range populated by gritty and realistic monsters.

If you share this vision of a grittier more realistic world of monsters and men or if you just like the way these miniatures look I would appreciate whatever level of support you are comfortable with. Thank you for taking the time to get this far!

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Fractured Dimensions Pig-Faced Orc Kickstarter in final week

Fractured Dimensions has a little under a week left on their Kickstarter campaign for some Orc Warriors. They've made their goal, but can always go for more stretch goals.

From the campaign:

This project is to get 4 sets of 28mm Orcs into production. These will be produced in a metal (lead free pewter alloy).

This project is geared towards three goals:

1. Getting the 4 sets of Orcs that have already been sculpted into production.

2. Increasing the speed with which I will be able to get future releases finished and into production.

3. Giving you a significant discount off of the final price of the miniatures. The final release price will be $15.99 per set of 4 Orcs. This means that you will save 25% when supporting this project at the $12, $24, and $36 level all the way up to a discount of 30% at the $89 level.

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New Pig-Faced Orc Death Cultists from Fractured Dimensions

Fractured Dimensions has the greens of some new Pig-Faced Orc Death Cultists up online for you to check out.

From the website:

All four packs of orcs will be mailed out in the next day or two. They are coming from the UK to the US so I am assuming it will be four or five days. Once I get them I will send them off to the mold maker. Looking good for a release in the late summer / early fall.

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Fractured Dimensions previews new fantasy monsters minis

Fractured Dimensions put up a slew of new fantasy monsters over on their website, perfect for any fantasy setting that could use some bad guys.

From the website:

It really has been a while but finally some more concrete news. Latest update from my mold maker today is that he should have the production molds completed this week and actual production miniatures mailed off to me early next week. This means I should have pre-orders up either this weekend or early next week. Here are some pictures of the masters:

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Fractured Dimensions Reveals New Monsters Greens

Fractured Dimensions Reveals New Monsters Greens:

From their announcement:

Fractured Dimensions has been busy sculpting some new monsters for your adventures.

The miniatures will fit perfectly in any Fantasy Adventure, RPG, Dungeon Crawler etc...

Fractured Dimension revealed 6 new monsters greens for their fantasy range.

The Lemures goes from 28mm to 20mm to the eye level.

The Mimic is a 25mm miniature Kit that has several different optional bits that you can play with in order to create different variants.

The Juiblex is a 45mm miniature and has 2 slime projectiles that can be attached to any of the mouth protrusions.

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