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Four-Color Studios

While I'm sure that nobody wants to see me in a spandex outfit, there are many out there that can pull it off. Mostly, they're also the ones doing superheroic deeds. Kitbash Games is going to launch a
SuperSystem 4th edition, the superhero skirmish minis game, is now available to download and play some super-powered games on your tabletop.SourceFrom the release:SuperSystem 4th edition updates the w
Thrifty Wargamer has a new exclusive from Four Color Studios. This time it's the Space Adventurer Set 1.SourceFrom the release:Here's an awesome pack of 15mm Space Adventurers from Four-Color Studios,
The Thrifty Wargamer now has Four-Color Studios' Bug Warriors. You can't find them anywhere else, so stop trying.SourceFrom the release:Four-Color Studios' Bug Warriors are now available at The Thrift
Four Color Studios has posted up a new Ghosts of Hefei developer diary video explaining the hacking rules for the game.From the update:We've posted a video diary to explain some of the new hacking rul
Four Colour Studio will be launching their Ghosts of Hefei Kickstarter project at the start of next month.No foolin'.From the announcement:Four Colour Studios is proud to announce that the Kickstarter
Four Color Studios has a poll up asking which part of Ghosts of Hefei they should work on first. Let your opinion be heard.From the poll:As we prepare to launch our Kickstarter, we would like to reach
Four Color Studios wanted it to be known that they're working on Ghosts of Hefei, a Goalsystem expansion to The Department.From the announcement:The Four Color Studios team is very pleased to announce