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Four-Color Studios

While I'm sure that nobody wants to see me in a spandex outfit, there are many out there that can pull it off. Mostly, they're also the ones doing superheroic deeds. Kitbash Games is going to launch a Kickstarter next year for Supers Unlimited, their new line of superhero-inspired figures, as well as a quick set of skirmish rules to go with them.

SuperSystem 4th edition, the superhero skirmish minis game, is now available to download and play some super-powered games on your tabletop.


From the release:

SuperSystem 4th edition updates the world’s most comprehensive and versatile super skirmish game with a fresh new look that includes expanded attributes, new and revised powers, improved mechanics that speed play and allow for easier character design, and a new solo-play option!
Thrifty Wargamer has a new exclusive from Four Color Studios. This time it's the Space Adventurer Set 1.


From the release:

Here's an awesome pack of 15mm Space Adventurers from Four-Color Studios, perfect for the 15mm science fiction gamer. This pack includes five unique characters: Human Space Knight, Alien Space Knight, Human Bodyguard, Alien Brute, and Human Inspector. These figures are perfect for sci-fi roleplaying or as leaders and characters in a 15mm sci-fi army. You get all five figures for $3.99 exclusively through The Thrifty Wargamer!

The Thrifty Wargamer now has Four-Color Studios' Bug Warriors. You can't find them anywhere else, so stop trying.


From the release:

Four-Color Studios' Bug Warriors are now available at The Thrifty Wargamer! This pack contains enough pieces to make two unique figures. The Bug Warriors were sculpted by industry veteran Bob Naismith and would fit perfectly in any fantasy wargame or RPG.
The Bug Warrior packs are $12.00

Four Color Studios has posted up a new Ghosts of Hefei developer diary video explaining the hacking rules for the game.

From the update:

We've posted a video diary to explain some of the new hacking rules that we are working on for the game. Hacking is going to be an important part of every faction's battle plans.

We have a few more green pictures posted as well.

Four Colour Studio will be launching their Ghosts of Hefei Kickstarter project at the start of next month.
No foolin'.

From the announcement:

Four Colour Studios is proud to announce that the Kickstarter drive for their latest game, Ghosts of Hefei will start on 01-April-2013.

Ghosts of Hefei is a miniature based skirmish game, set in the 2070’s where human fabricated simulants, or fabricants, now fulfil many roles in society. The Chinese city of Hefei is now a great factory town, where the human population is dwarfed by the millions of fabricants surrounding them. In this empty city, criminal gangs violently compete for money and fabricants as they are a lucrative prize in the global black market. Our players will lead their gangs to success and riches, while avoiding the many pitfalls that this entails. This is the Godfather in a dark, cyberpunk future.
Four Color Studios has a poll up asking which part of Ghosts of Hefei they should work on first. Let your opinion be heard.

From the poll:

As we prepare to launch our Kickstarter, we would like to reach out and ask the gaming public which miniature set they would like to see produced with the initial Kickstarter goal. All of the games factions can be produced through stretch goals but the poll will determine the order we produce them in.

And if you are a 15mm fan, there is an option to vote for the whole range to be produced in 15mm!

Four Color Studios wanted it to be known that they're working on Ghosts of Hefei, a Goalsystem expansion to The Department.

From the announcement:

The Four Color Studios team is very pleased to announce the development of Ghosts of Hefei, the newest Goalsystem book and sequel to The Department: Noir Investigation Skirmish. Ghost of Hefei is a skirmish game set in near-future China. Players control a handful of figures, fighting each other to steal fabricants (humanoid robot workers) from the heart of China's industrial might.

Ghosts of Hefei is fully compatible with The Department, and will allow players to pit criminal gangs from Hefei against agents of the People's Beureau of Fabricants. The game will feature a 28mm miniatures line, but will also include rules for 15mm play.

We'll be launching a Kickstarter drive to fund the development of the rules and miniatures in a week, but we wanted to give you a chance to look at the website and see what the game is all about.