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Four A Miniatures

Four A Miniatures gets a little chaotic with the release of their new Chaos Dwarves in their webshop.


From the release:

The first four Chaos Dwarves sculpted by John Pickford have now been added to the web shop. This will be an ongoing range.John has already done two more pieces and will be working on others.

Four A Miniatures has released a new set of dwarf minis over in their webshop.


From the release:

These are the first of what i hope will be a monthly release.2013 did not see many new releases but i do hope to change that this Year.
These Dwarves were sculpted by Shane Hoyle.

Four A Miniatures is having themselves a sale. Go and get yourself some minis for cheaper than you'd usually have to spend.

From the sales sheet:

I have started a sale for one week only on my website for the three sets of miniatures that I do as deals. The first is for the Snow troopers set which is normally £25.00 for fourteen miniatures.It is down to £20.00
Second is for the Mean in green Goblin deal. Fifteen Goblins sculpted by Kev Adams which is normally £25.00 is down to £20.00.
Last of the bunch is the Some thing fishy deal which is one of each Sea Demon sculpt released so far.All by Paul Muller. Normally £29.00 down to £24.00.
The money from these sales will be used to get more miniatures into production.

Four A Miniatures now has their January releases up and available in their webstore.

From the announcement:

Just recieved the new releases for January from Griffin Moulds today. Been busy updating the website with them and also the show dates so far for this year. Bit of a mixed release this one.

Four A Miniatures has some new models over in their webstore. It's a little bit for everyone with goblin squads, a couple of piranha boys and some sci-fi troopers.

From the release:

Just added some new releases to the web shop.
Goblin set three by Kev Adams.
Two new Piranha boy pieces by Paul Muller.
Hale and Pace by Adam Gayford.
Also made some deals up to save some money.

Four A Miniatures got two new sets of Drop Troopers in and wanted to show them off.

From them to you:

It has been some time since the last release from Four A miniatures.These just arrived from Griffim Moulds yesterday.Two sets of four Drop trooper miniatures sculpted by Adam Gayford and painted by Paul Sanderson.

These should work well with any near future and sci-fi setting or game system.

Four A Miniatures is a new blog and to start out, they had themselves an interview with Andy Coleman.

From them to you:

Four A Miniatures has a new blog and to kick things off I've featured an interview with Andy Coleman, owner of Four A.

The blog also features a showcase of the range at present and also has one or two previews of upcoming releases.

Four A Miniatures has a trio of new releases for us to look at, with a promise of more to come soon.

From the preview:

Just a quick update to let people know that Four A miniatures has a few new releases in the web shop.
First is a pack of four Goblin Brawlers by Adam Gayford.
Second is a pack of three Sea Demon Pikers by Paul Muller.
Last we have a female Dwarf by Shane Hoyle.
Loads more releases through-out 2012.

Four A Miniatures has added new miniatures to their webstore:

From their website:

I have added some new pieces to the webstore.These include the Pirates set which has been available at show's for quite awhile now. Next we have a set of three sci-fi types called Sanderson and Co.These would fit in well with most ranges. The last piece is a Female Dwarf Slayer type.
Four A Miniatures reveal their October releases.

From their announcement:

This month see's two new packs of sci-fi inspired miniatures released.
The first pack has a Captain and two Pilots.
The second pack has maintanance crew members.
Four A Miniatures have added several new figures to their online store. Alien Warriors From their announcement:
Four A miniatures has three new releases in the web store. Two sculpts by Paul Muller and one by Matt Gubser.
Goblin AxemenFour A Miniatures have added six new figures to their online store. From their announcement:
Four A miniatures have just updated the web shop with six new miniatures. All of which have been sculpted by Adam Gayford. Four Dwarves and two Goblins.