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Four A Miniatures

Four A Miniatures gets a little chaotic with the release of their new Chaos Dwarves in their webshop.SourceFrom the release:The first four Chaos Dwarves sculpted by John Pickford have now been added t
Four A Miniatures has released a new set of dwarf minis over in their webshop.SourceFrom the release:These are the first of what i hope will be a monthly release.2013 did not see many new releases but
Four A Miniatures is having themselves a sale. Go and get yourself some minis for cheaper than you'd usually have to spend.From the sales sheet:I have started a sale for one week only on my website fo
Four A Miniatures now has their January releases up and available in their webstore.From the announcement:Just recieved the new releases for January from Griffin Moulds today. Been busy updating the w
Four A Miniatures has some new models over in their webstore. It's a little bit for everyone with goblin squads, a couple of piranha boys and some sci-fi troopers.From the release:Just added some new
Four A Miniatures got two new sets of Drop Troopers in and wanted to show them off.From them to you:It has been some time since the last release from Four A miniatures.These just arrived from Griffim
Four A Miniatures is a new blog and to start out, they had themselves an interview with Andy Coleman.From them to you:Four A Miniatures has a new blog and to kick things off I've featured an interview
Four A Miniatures has a trio of new releases for us to look at, with a promise of more to come soon.From the preview:Just a quick update to let people know that Four A miniatures has a few new release
Four A Miniatures has added new miniatures to their webstore:From their website:I have added some new pieces to the webstore.These include the Pirates set which has been available at show's for quite
Four A Miniatures reveal their October releases.From their announcement:This month see's two new packs of sci-fi inspired miniatures released.The first pack has a Captain and two Pilots.The second pac
Four A Miniatures have added several new figures to their online store. From their announcement: Four A miniatures has three new releases in the web store. Two sculpts by Paul Muller and one by Mat
Four A Miniatures have added six new figures to their online store. From their announcement: Four A miniatures have just updated the web shop with six new miniatures. All of which have been sculpted