Forsaken Games

Forsaken Forest: Revival Up On Kickstarter

It's always good when companies listen to their customers. How better to find out what they want than to simply go, "what do you want?" and being receptive to the answers? Well, Forsaken Games has listened to the people backing their Forsaken Forest Kickstarter and decided there were enough good ideas that they cancelled their previous campaign and have started up a new one for Forsaken Forest: Revival.

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Forsaken Forest Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Despite being a flatlander at heart, I do still enjoy a good forest. The trees. The animals. The haunting, malicious force that is looking to corrupt those that enter into its domain. The scent of trees. You know, that kind of thing. Forsaken Forest is a new social deduction card game up on Kickstarter where players are a group of travelers going through a forest. Some have been corrupted. Some are still pure. The object is for your side to overtake the other, without being 100% sure who is who.

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Forsaken Forest Coming to Kickstarter

The problem with dark magic is that it tends to take over whatever it's around. So, say you've got a forest with some dark magic in it. It'll twist and warp that forest into something hideous. And if you head into it, there's a good chance it'll warp you, too. But go in your must, as that's what you'll be doing in Forsaken Forest, a new game coming to Kickstarter soon. Check out the trailer.

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