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Forlorn Hope Games

We all know those friends who just don't get along, but occasionally have to be brought together for some sort of gathering. You know, like a wedding or some other feast. As a host, you do your best to not put feuding people next to one-another. That can get rough if there's a bunch of people who don't like one-another. However, that's exactly what you'll be trying to do in Table Tantrums, which is back up on Kickstarter now.
We all have people we'd probably rather not be seated next to at a party. Or we know of two people who have a history and should probably also not be seated near each-other at a party. This is the plight of many a wedding-reception-planner. It's a location puzzle and it's been turned into a game, Table Tantrums. It's up on Kickstarter now.
Here's the latest batch of news snippets for your Sunday reading.
There's a bit of everything. New Skeleton Centaur Cavalry paper minis, a new Inquisitor from Kromlech, a new NOLA house from Finger and Toe, some new fantasy minis from Lone Wolf's 32mm range, and a whole bunch more to see.
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Forlorn Hope Games has some new Samurai Minotaur models available over in their webshop.


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