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Forged in Battle

West Wind Productions is looking to expand their War & Empire line with their next set, giving you lots of new Dark Age figures. If you're looking to miniaturize your historical gaming, you'll want to
Woo! Friday! Woo!My week went by quick. But, being busy, that'll happen. And there's certainly been plenty going on. It'll be nice to have a weekend to decompress. Though there's also Game Day up at t
Star Wars is based around conflict (it's not called "Star Peaceful Diplomatic Negotiations" after all). The Rebel Alliance is fighting a desperate battle to keep the forces of the Galactic Empire from
The Star Wars universe is a rather violent place. I mean, it's Star Wars, not Star Gardening Club. As such, the characters you play in the RPG are probably going to be getting into battles on a regula
The week is continuing along at a fairly standard rate. However, it seems today really put on the accelerator and we're going full-tilt through the day. It's already time for the Midweek Snippets post
Well, yesterday was quite a day. Very busy getting that Betrayal at Calth review done. For those that might not have seen it yet, spoilers: I think it's a fun game that, with the announcement of the S
Artillery can be the great equalizer on the battlefield. They might have tanks, but if you've got the artillery to take them out quickly and effectively, they're not much of a problem anymore. Same th
Forged in Battle is looking forward to Salute in just a couple days and would love to see you at the show. Any of you gamers out there interested in 15mm Ancient warfare games should definitely stop b
West Wind Productions has already made it over their funding goal for their Forged in Battle War & Empire Kickstarter campaign. So it's on to stretch goals for the next 19 days.SourceFrom the update:O
Model Dads has another of their review series up. This time they look at Forged In Battle's 15mm Kfz 251C Command Set.SourceFrom the review:If it was good enough for Guderian, it’s good enough for us.
West Wind Productions keeps the enemy worried with the release of their 75mm French Gun for Forged in Battle.From the release:New, from Forged in Battle. Add this Early War gun to your French armies.
West Wind Productions makes Axis tank drivers quake in fear with the release of their new 57mm Anti-Tank Gun.From the release:Bolster your US infantry with this 57mm A/T gun.
West Wind Productions expands their Forged in Battle range with their new 76mm Anti-tank gun.From the announcement:New 76mm American A/T gun. Take on Tiger tanks with this new 15mm A/T gun.
West Wind Productions has released some new Tiger tanks for their Forged In Battle line.I feel like adding a line here about, "Ze Germans" and Tommy, but... well, I guess I sort of just did, didn't I?
West Wind Productions has a new armored car for January's release for Forged In Battle.From the release:New this month from Forged in Battle 15mm WWII the 8 rad armoured car.
Forged In Battle has a new V2 Missile and Control Vehicle available over on their website. Check it out.From the release:This is a great piece for an objective. The V2 is an all resin kit RRP £19.99.
Forged in Battle has their new T44 medium tank available over on their website.From the update:New from Forged in Battle the T44 medium tank . Armed with a 100mm main gun on a lowered chassis this tan
Forged in Battle has released their new Maus tank. Go have a look-see.From the release:New from Forged in Battle the Maus. For more information vist our website or our Facebook page.
Forged In Battle just released a bunch of new models. Go have yourself a look-see.From the release:Its another bumper release from Forged in Battle. Enjoy. For more info check out our Facebook page ,P
Forged in Battle gives your ground troops some protection from high-flying allies with their new Anti-aircraft tank.From the update:With this pack you can defend your Panzers from the ever present All
Forged in Battle has a new German AA support tank they're previewing.From the preview:Due for release in September.
Forged in Battle brought you that giant-ass tank recently. Well, now here's some guns to help maybe try and take it out.From the announcement:Hi Everyone,This month Forged in Battle is going off with
Forged In Battle has a new tank available and it's a biggie.From the announcement:Yes the Landkruzer Ratte has arrived at Forged in Battle HQ. You can crush your enemies by dropping this huge resin an
West Wind Productions did their own version of the blitz with all their new releases for Forge in Battle. Just take a look for yourself...From the update:Newly released from Forged in Battle are the e
Forged In Battle gives us a preview of their Ratte tank. It's a big 'un. See it over on their Facebook page.From them to you:Just a quick look at our up-gunned P1000 Ratte with more guns! We took this