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Forgecraft Games

Forgecraft Games has met and exceeded their funding goal over on Kickstarter with still 18 days to go. Hello stretch goals!From the campaign:Quantum Expanse a new space fleet tabletop miniatures game,
ForgeCraft Games revved up a Kickstarter for their Quantum Expanse game.From the announcement:ForgeCraft Games is using Kickstarter to run a pre-launch special on Quantum Expanse, a new space fleet mi
ForgeCraft Games knows a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet and so they've renamed their StarFire Command game to Quantum Expanse.From the announcement:The decision to change the games n
StarFire Command is a new space-based ships game that's looking to get funded over on Kickstarter. Go take a look.From the campaign:Made by the company Forgecraft Games who also work on the resin base