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Forge World

Woo! The weekend is just about here! Actually, it's already here for a whole bunch of my friends who are downtown for DragonCon right now. They posted so many, "Woo! Weekend!" things yesterday that I
Necromunda is the name of the game this week for pre-orders from Games Workshop. They've got the new Delaque Spyker figure as well as Corpse Grinder upgrades (as opposed to, y'know, Corpsegrinder). He
Dungeons & Dragons Core Rulebook
It's The Horus Heresy stuff this week over in Forge World's pre-order shop. They've got the new Marduk Sedras figure as well as some upgrades for your Dark Angels figures.
If you play Age of Sigmar, Necromunda, or 40k, you'll want to take a look at what's going on with the pre-releases this week from Games Workshop. New books. New model kits. New bundles. New accessorie
It's a fantasy weekend from Games Workshop in their pre-order store. Age of Sigmar has the new Nighthaunt and Daughters of Khaine battletomes. There's some new Nighthaunt kits as well. And the Middle-
The Aeldari take to the skies with a new pair of planes for Aeronautica Imperialis.They're the Hemlock Wraithfighter and Nightshade Interceptor. Head over and get yours now from Forge World's pre-orde
Forge World has a pair of new Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game releases available for you. They're Rutabi and Brogirl, a pair of new characters for the Easterling faction. Head over and check them ou
Let's face it, most goblins get squished long before they can make a name for themselves out on the Blood Bowl pitch. So, when they actually do make it, it's quite a feat. And there's two that are wel
It's not just the battlefields of 40k that are seeing new Aeldari. Aeronautica Imperialis has two new, big aircraft swooping onto tabletops from Forge World. You can head over and pick up these two ne
There's a lot coming to Games Workshop's pre-order store next week. There's a new Warcry book and box sets. There's new Aeronautica Imperialis figures. There's new T'au. There's Middle-earth Strategy
We've been getting a lot of previews for the new T'au codex for 40k. Next Saturday, it'll be added to the pre-order shop from Games Workshop. But that's not all. There's new T'au kits, as well as stuf
There's the new Compendium for Aeronautica Imperalis available to pre-order from the regular GW shop. But if you're looking for some new craft to fill out your Necron forces, you need to go to the For
"He's got a cannon for an arm" is usually a metaphor. But for Barik Farblast, it's closer to literal. Sure, using a cannon to blast the ball across the pitch is legal in Blood Bowl. Why wouldn't it be
Two things from Forge World up for pre-order this week. And they're pretty far apart from one another. One's a Terminator Cataphractii Praetor for 40k. The other is some terrain for the Middle-earth S
Van Saar is in the spotlight this week over at Forge World. The Necromunda gang is getting three new kits. And they're not just little ones, either, but they're sure to make it so Van Saar's the gang
Fantasy sports and futuristic gangs. That's the two extremes that Forge World has available for pre-orders this week. Head over and pick up some new Blood Bowl players and Necromunda gangers now.
There's a new standard bearer for the Ultramarines available to order from Forge World. And it's not just any standard bearer, it's Remus Ventanus, the savior of Calth. Head over and get your name on
Forge World has two new kits available for you to pre-order this week. One's the Legion Destroyers while the other is a new Praetor. You can head over and get your name on the list to bolster your 40k
Now that you've got this week's pre-releases ordered, you can start saving up for next week's. What's on-deck? There's the new season of Warhammer Underworlds. There's new books for 40k. And Forge Wor
Last weekend, pre-orders went up for the new Aeronautica Imperialis starter set, including two new factions. This weekend, Forge World has some new Ground Assets for said factions. Pre-orders for thes
It's hard to say "this is a new unit coming to Forge World," because lore-wise, this is actually one of the oldest units around. They're the Destroyer Squads and you'll soon be able to add these radia
Not everyone in the underhive fighting in the gang wars is an uncouth savage. House Greim is looking to add some genuine military might to their forces with the addition of a Military Attache. You can
A tale as old as time. A song as old as rhyme. Word Bearers and the Ultramarines. I think that's how it goes, anyway. Forge World is taking pre-orders for Argel Tal and a pair of Ultramarine Praetors.
A trio of new kits are available to order from Forge World this week. They've got two new Iron Fist figures, one in Terminator armor and the other... not... Finally, there's a set of 10 graviton guns,
There's a lot of stuff coming next weekend from Games Workshop. However, arguably the biggest release actually hits mid-week with the release of Warhammer+. That's coming Wednesday. Get a reminder abo