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Parle vous Francais? Non?Me, either, despite having a couple years of it back in High School (but hey, that was decades ago at this point). But if you are up on your French, you should check out the A
Becoming a Grand Master at Magic isn't something that happens overnight. It takes study and practice. Of course, students can't help but show off what they've learned in front of others. Those that ca
We're halfway there, ladies and gentlemen. Halfway to the weekend. If you haven't started making plans, now would be a good time. For those of you in the US, the 4th of July is Saturday. I'm sure cook
Fury: Outburst Control sounds like an anger management class, but it's really a miniatures skirmish game (specifically of the Arcane Punk Antica genre, as they call it). The game was originally made b