Fantasies for Foreplay: An Erotic Storytelling Game Up On Kickstarter

We're gonna push the usual PG-13 rating that I've imposed on TGN a little bit here. No, there's no NSFW pictures (well, maybe, depending on where you work). But maybe check this one out when you get home, instead of at the office. Just so you know. Here, we have a Kickstarter for Fantasies for Foreplay: An Erotic Storytelling Game, a new supplement for Foreplay that brings in a ton of new elements for the game.

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Foreplay Card Game Available Now In Print-and-Play, Coming to Kickstarter soon

There's a lot of history of cancer in my family. So I'm expecting to go for screenings and such. Heck, I should probably be doing those now. Well, there's a new card game that can help. It's also designed for fun.
So, I mean, we're not prudes here at TGN, but suffice to say, Foreplay is a game that's pushing our PG-13 envelope a bit. But hey, it's helping save the world from cancer. If you get some enjoyment out of it, too, that's great.

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