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Well, for those of us here in the US, it's been a bit of a shorter week this week, what with the holiday on Monday. I've always preferred holidays on Mondays as opposed to Fridays, since then, after a
Force20 expands their WWII line with the release of their new French Resistance Fighters sets. Good for either your WWII-era miniatures games or any period dioramas you may be making, there are two ne
TableTopScale is your exclusive place to get Force20's new 20mm WWII North African miniatures.SourceFrom the release:Force20’s newest WWII era figure sets, Long Range Desert Group and Ramcke Brigade F
Force20 unleashes their zombie hordes over at TableTopScale.SourceFrom the release:(ZC-1) Zombie Characters: A zombie horde made up of twelve very unique, really creepy characters. Characters include:
Force20 released their new Desert Explorers minis so you can recreate those halcyon days of the '20s where British explorers went and claimed a lot of things for the Empire just because they could.Sou
Force20 has three new ranges available for your minis needs: Swat-X, Tauregs and Port of Call.From the announcement:Force20 Fine Scale Miniatures has three new ranges in heroic 20mm scale. They are SW