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Forbidden Lands

Free League Publishing is looking to add not just one, but two new books to their award-winning Forbidden Lands RPG. The Book of Beasts is chock full of new horrors to throw at your adventurers. Meanw
I have to say, I don't know what it means to be "mellified." Spellcheck is telling me it's not even a word. So, I'm pretty sure it's bad if it happens to you. And if it happens to a mage, that's gotta
Want to greatly expand your immersion into the Forbidden Lands RPG from Free League Publishing? Now you can, as they have released the Bitter Reach Campaign Guide. Though more than just an adventure t
Winter is coming. I realize that's the tag line for an entirely different fantasy world, but it's what's going on here, too. Free League Publishing is running a Kickstarter campaign for The Bitter Re
Free League Publishing has released a new book for the Forbidden Lands RPG. It's called the Spire of Quetzel and it includes four different adventuring sites for players to visit. They can head to the
It's an RPG where it shows a guy on the back of a dinosaur-looking thing. So you know it's got my attention from the start. Free League Publishing is happy to announce that Forbidden Lands is now avai
Most fantasy RPGs have you running around as heroes looking to do good deeds in the world. Save the prisoners, overthrow the evil tyrant, stop the necromancer... that kind of thing. In Forbidden Lands