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Forbidden Games

The company behind Raccoon Tycoon and Lizard Wizard is creating a new board game whose title doesn't rhyme this go-round with Mosaic: A Story of Civilization. This new project will be hitting Kickstar
Glenn Drover, who you might know from such games as Raccoon Tycoon and Sid Meier's Civilization: The Board Game, has created a new civilization-building game in the form of Mosaic: A Story of Civiliza
Forbidden Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their next game in the popular Raccoon Tycoon board game series. It's called Lizard Wizard and it takes the action and excitement from Raccoon T
Gamers, in my experience, are fans of drinking. Nothing wrong with that, even as a teetotaler myself. But hey, if you enjoy a few libations, there's nothing wrong with that if you do it responsibly. A
The world of Astoria is growing, and you want to be the one with the biggest hunk of cheese at the end (cheese meaning money in this case, though a literal giant hunk of cheese wouldn't be terrible, e
In just 12 days, Forbidden Games will be rolling out their Kickstarter campaign for Raccoon Tycoon. The game puts players in charge of building and maintaining trade networks of goods. It's a boom tim
It's a boom time in Astoria. Everyone's looking to build new towns. It's a good opportunity for enterprising individuals to ply their trade. In Raccoon Tycoon, you take on the role of a producer of a