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Flytrap Factory

Zombiesmith and Flytrap Factory are going steady with their Netherworld's Edge: Keystone Kickstarter campaign. They're over 3x funded with a little over 2 weeks left in the campaign. As such, they've
Zombiesmith and Flytrap Factory are looking to fill your gaming tables with adorable little anthropomorphic mice and rats and other fuzzy-wuzzy little critters... who are armed to the teeth and ready
Zombiesmith and Flytrap Factory have unlocked their Quar Mhudd team over on their Portaball 15mm fantasy sports Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the update:We have unlocked the Quar Mhudd team! We'll s
Zombiesmith and Flytrap Factory are running a Kickstarter campaign for Portaball, their new 15mm fantasy sports miniatures game.SourceFrom the campaign:Play Fantasy Football anywhere you wish! Portaba
Flytrap Factory has released rules for a new caveman hunting game. But what do the cavemen think about Geico insurance?CAVEMAN vs. WILD is an alternating action tabletop miniatures game using our newe
Flytrap Factory has released their new 15mm Royal Marines over on their website.From the release:Ladies and GentsThis month brings you the latest from us here at the factory, and this time its the Bri
Flytrap Factory previews their latest release in 15mm for the Warfighter range, the M.E.R.C:From their website:February presents the first opposing force for the U.S.M.C expeditionary marines released
Flytrap FactoryFrom their website:Ladies and GentlemenDespite our quiet entry just prior to Christmas we approach the end of our first month of business here at the factory with much accomplished and
Flytrap Factory a New Zealand based miniature and collectibles design studio, is the result of the past 18 months of directed ambition:From their website:Good evening ladies and gents I am proud to an