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"More!" It's what Fluxx players call for and Looney Labs has answered. This time, it's not fully new decks, but a trio of expansion packs that you can literally add to any Fluxx game to add more Actio
"Draw a card. Play a card." That's the rules of Fluxx. How do you win? I don't know. Nobody's played that yet. And soon, the chaotic game of ever-changing rules is getting a new version. It's Fluxx Re
Draw a card. Play a card. That's the rules of Fluxx. At least, at the beginning it is. After that, it can get a little complicated. The game has been a favorite for years and is always coming out with
Like most companies, Looney Labs will be headed to Gen Con Online this weekend. While they're showing off Spongebob Squarepants Fluxx, they've also got handy links for all your Gen Con Online needs, f
Fluxx is endlessly reskinnable. Looney Labs has made quite a few so far with no intent to stop. This time, they're headed under the ocean down to Bikini Bottoms for some of cartoon's most beloved char
Draw one card, then play one card. That's all the rules there are to Fluxx... well, in the beginning, anyway. It tends to get a bit more complicated than that. The game of ever-changing rules is endle
Fluxx is a game that's infinitely re-skin-able. There's dozens out there, each one tailored to what you might love the most. Soon, two new sets will be coming out. Looney Labs has announced a partners
Looney Labs is coming out with a new version of Fluxx. This time, it's headed to the land of gnomes, sprites, and fairies. It's Fairy Tale Fluxx. Collect cards to recreate your favorite stories, but a
Saturdaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Woo!My favorite day of the week, as I can just sit back, relax, and do some gaming.Nevermind that this week I'm vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning countertops in the den. That's i
Fluxx is boldly going where no Fluxx has gone before! Looney Labs has announced the release of two new Fluxx games, based on the acclaimed Star Trek franchise. One gives you classic Trek, while the ot
Fluxx is a game that can be nearly-infinitely reskinned to bring in new themes. But more than just adding different art, it gives the folks over at Looney Labs to come up with new mechanics to try out
This July, Fluxx turns 21. That means, here in the US, it can legally drink. The folks over at Fully Baked Ideas know that the game can't actually drink. That'd just be spilling beer on your cards. Ho
I was always very good at math in school. Though, to be fair, I was generally good at school in school. Some of my friends, though, not so much. Though gamers, I've found, are usually better at math,
It's been a long week.Well, ok, technically it's been as long as pretty much every other week. But it seems that it really slowed down starting Wednesday afternoon. I'm certainly ready for the weekend
Raise your hand if you’re a fan of Firefly. *watches pretty much everyone’s hand go up* Yeah, me, too. I actually have been meaning to get those DVDs back out and re-watch the series. It’s a sci-fi we
Looney Labs’ Fluxx is always getting new versions coming out for it. The game where “the rules are always changing” is easily reskinned to fit different themes. I’ve personally played 6, not counting
Pay attention to this announcement, or I swear by my pretty, floral bonnet I will end you.Looney Labs is teaming up once again to bring you a new version of their popular card game, Fluxx. This time t
What could be more natural than sitting around and playing games with loved ones? Well, how about playing Nature Fluxx? Granted, you can't quite do that yet (unless you work for Looney Labs), but you
With this post, we'll have absolutely everything caught up since before Gen Con. We've had some Snippets. We've had some Terrain Corners. We've had a Podcast Roundup. Now it's just time to go through
Nana-nana-nana-nana-nana-nana-nana-nana-Batman!Cryptozoic Entertainment and Looney Labs has teamed together, like Batman and Robin, to bring you Batman Fluxx. The card game where the rules are always
Fluxx is the game with the simple rules where you don't know how you win at the start. The rules are always changing every time someone plays a card. Whether it's changing how many cards you draw or p
Fluxx is the chaotic game that you don't know how to win when you start playing (because nobody's played that card yet). Every turn the rules can (and certainly do) change. That's the fun of it. Well,
Fluxx is nothing if not versatile. The combinations of keepers, goals, and other cards in the deck can be reskinned into almost any theme. There’s already at least 7 different varieties of Fluxx, but
Looney Labs is continually working to get Fluxx to be all it can be. They’ve recently come out with a 5th edition of the game that brings it back to the original, simpler form that it had in the begin
Looney Labs has announced two new versions of Fluxx coming soon. First is a new variant, Holiday Fluxx, which brings Fluxx to the wintery, holiday season. The other is Version 5.0 of the basic game.Th