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Five Tribes

Days of Wonder has announced Whims of the Sultan, a new expansion for Five Tribes. This set will add Cities Tiles. They are new locations created by the Sultan. But controlling them isn't going to be easy. The Sultan has odd tastes and will often make demands that must be met. Will you be able to meet his desires?
When you're reading this, I'm hopefully using my Battle Chef in combat.

But that's me.

For you who's here reading the site, I've got your Review Roundup for you.

Today we have: Hail Caesar, Force on Force, Codenames, Five Tribes, Legends of Andor The Star Shield, Ninja All-Stars, The Grizzled: At Your Orders, Aviary, Booty, Catan: Explorers and Pirates, Allegiance: A Realm Divided, and The Golfing Dead.

Through your hard work, you've made Naqala a thriving place in the desert. But with wealth and power comes rivals and people would would love nothing more than to take what you've got for themselves. Enter the Thieves of Naqala, a new expansion for Five Tribes coming this summer from Days of Wonder.
So, this past week, instead of heading to St. Louis to visit my family, I was rained in, and instead spent several days at home, alone in my apartment. I can't really say it was the best way to spend the holiday, but I did get some solo gaming time in. Too bad these Solo Rules for Five Tribes weren't out yet. However, in case of the next time travel plans get ruined...
There are many opportunities in the desert. They might not be immediately apparent, but they're there. You just have to know where to look, and perhaps have a bit of knowledge in the crafting arts. The Artisans, the new expansion available for Five Tribes from Days of Wonder, lets you play this new group as part of your quest to take control of the Sultanate.
In Five Tribes, players are vying for control of the Sultanate. Well, a new faction is about to join in the struggle for power, and they're bringing powerful artifacts with them. The Artisans of Naqala, a new Tribe, will bring new challenges and opportunities to your games. These artisans make more than just fancy rugs or intricate pottery. They can create powerful magic items that change the very nature of Five Tribes. Only through harnessing such power can a player secure their spot at the top.
Another Saturday night (well, afternoon) and I ain't got nobody (well, I'm hanging out with my gaming group). I got some money 'cause I just got paid (well, earlier in the week, yeah). Oh how I wish I had someone to talk to (well... again, with my gaming group, so I'm talking with them). I'm in an awful way (I'm starting to think this song wasn't the best choice to use in this opening, since I'm doing just fine right now, but I've typed this much, I'm going to stick with it).

Time once more for a Review Roundup. Here's the game/product reviews/previews/unboxings we found in the last week.

Items include: DreadBall Hobgoblin Unboxing, King of New York, the Melee expansion for Chaostle, Five Tribes, and Last Will and it's Get Stacked expansion.