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Firelock Games

Hey everyone, I've crawled out of my overeating haze just long enough to collect together some Black Friday/Holiday Sales that are happening now, collected all together for your convenience. Most are
Another day, another sale to talk about. 'Tis the season after all. This time around, it's Firelock Games. If you're wanting to head over there, you can get 20% off your oder by simply using the coupo
Sometimes, you miss out on a Kickstarter campaign that you really wanted to back. The time just wasn't right, the funds werent' there, or you simply forgot. Thankfully, there's usually a Late Pledge t
Firelock Games is getting in on the holiday season with their Black Friday sale. Starting this Friday, you can get 25% off your order over in their webshop. Just use the coupon code raisetheblack.
Firelock Games is at it again. Blood & Plunder has been a smash hit, and now they're taking their swashbuckling adventures out into the high seas with Oak & Iron. It's a new naval combat game
Keeping track of your army and all the options you can take when building a force can be frustrating. There's games out there with lots of different levers and knobs you can pull and turn, and keeping
Firelock Games had a great 2017 and is looking to follow that up with a great 2018. They've bringing the Native American faction to Blood & Plunder, and they've posted up a quick, preview image of wha
Firelock Games is coming to the end of their latest Kickstarter for Blood & Plunder. The No Peace Beyond the Line expansion looks to add to everyone's factions. But how best to keep track of it all? W
It's time to set sail once again for the Caribbean. There's pirates, natives, Spanish, French, and all sorts of people navigating through the tropical waters in search of resources. This, of course, l
Arr, mehearties! The deckhands over at Firelock Games is working on a new expansion set for Blood & Plunder. You've wanted more buccaneer action, and they're ready to deliver. There's a whole lot they
Cavalry has long been an important part of warfare. And it's not just standing armies that relied on it. While pirates might not be known for their horsemanship, the bandits and gangs that worked alon
Firelock Games isn't resting on their laurels with Blood & Plunder. They know that you, the gaming masses, are hungry for more and they're ready to bring it to you. They have posted up previews of som
Blood & Plunder was one of the break-out hits of last year. The guys over at Firelock Games had quite a successful Kickstarter campaign. Then came a great showing at Gen Con with some truly amazing ga
One of the new games that really took the miniatures world by storm this year was Blood & Plunder from Firelock Games. The Kickstarter campaign for this new Caribbean-armies themed game broke through
Hey Everyone!It's really hard to believe the first day of Gen Con's already over and I'm here getting prepped for Day 2! It was such a whirlwind, I didn't get a chance to make this post last night. Bu
While Indianapolis might not have any large natural bodies of water around it, that doesn't mean Firelock Games can't set sail for Gen Con this week. They'll be bringing Blood and Plunder, of course.
Firelock Games has had quite a run on Kickstarter. Their campaign for Blood and Plunder has made it to over 10x funded. As such, they've unlocked the Pirates. Seems fitting that a game named "Blood an
Would you believe it's already Sunday?I don't know about you, but my Saturday rocketed by. I was working on various things, then just looked up and it was 8pm. It was kind of crazy.Anyway, it's time f
Avast, mateys! Thar be a new skirmish game off the port bow!So hoist up the John B's sail!See how the mainsail sets!Call for the Captain ashore!Firelock Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign f
Hey there, everyone. We've got a special treat for you here this morning. The fine fellows over at Firelock Games have given us an exclusive preview of their upcoming game Blood & Plunder, which will