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Firedragon Games

We're continuing our trek through the work week. Actually, in a way, for me it's sort of like a Friday. I say "sort of" because I'm gonna be working from home tomorrow a bit, but I actually have the d
Firedragon Games gives your little mans a safe place to fire on the enemy with their new bunker terrain pieces.From the release:This detailed resin bunker is perfect for providing cover for your troop
Firedragon Games gives your troopers some cover with their new 28mm-scale bunker terrain set.From the website:This bunker will provide hard cover for your troops in most 28mm wargames from WW2 based g
Firedragon Games has a new terrain piece for your gaming table: The concrete bunker (note: it's not really made of concrete).From the copy:Firedragon Games' new 28mm Concrete Bunker is now available a
Firedragon Games release Elemental Polymorph and Mutated Zombie miniatures.From their website:A fantastic new miniature, Elemental Polymorph, has been added to the Firedragon miniatures section. This
Firedragon Games have released several new pewter gaming tokens. From their announcement: Firedragon Games is pleased to announce the release of a range of pewter gaming tokens including some nicel
Firedragon Games have added several new items to their online store. From their announcement: The Firedragon Games website has been updated with several new items including: 'Sandbagged Bunker' res