Fild: Renegade Monsters

TGN Review: Fild: Renegade Monsters by Bisbog

It’s October, so that means monsters of all types abound in popular culture. They can also abound on your tabletop, too. Fild is a new board game by Bisbog that’s up on Kickstarter now and looking for some funding love. Speaking of love, spoilers, I love the game, since the kind people there sent me a prototype version (so items in the pictures are not going to be what the final version looks like) to try out for myself. And that’s what we’re here for now.


So get ready to do the monster mash, it’s time for another TGN Review. This time it’s Fild by Bisbog.

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Fild: Renegade Monsters Board Game On Kickstarter

You readers know I'm a fan of abstract board games. Fild: Renegade Monsters by Bisbog is one such game. They have launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to get the game funded. They have a free version of the game you can play online, but if you'd like to have a physical copy, now's your chance.

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