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Figure Painter Magazine

Man, I need to get some colored goop on my minis. I've got several Guild Ball teams that need to be painted, and I just picked up a whole Lizardman army. Who can I turn to for all sorts of tips and tricks to make my figures look awesome! Oh, hey, waddya know? It's a new issue 50 of Figure Painter Magazine. That's perfect.

They're also having a special sale!

I just got in some new Guild Ball minis and I'm going to need to paint them up. Unfortunately, my painting skills are pretty much a joke. I really need to step up my game. Maybe Issue 49 of Figure Painter Magazine can help. Well, I'm sure it can. It's just that kind of magazine.
A couple weekends ago, I painted up the first minis I'd done in about 2 years.
They... don't look great. I mean, they are ok enough, I suppose. But they're not going to be anything I really show off. To get to that point, I'd need to paint a lot more and read a lot more Figure Painter Magazine. Thankfully, Issue 48 is now available to help me out.
A couple weeks ago, I went through my (rather neglected) paint collection, resuscitating those that I could, and tossing out those that were dried solid. I have been meaning to start painting again. Just need to find time to do it. I know my skills will be rusty, but maybe by reading through Figure Painter Magazine Issue 47, I can get a jump-start back to making my models presentable. You can get your copy as well, as it's available now.
We're doing our best to fill up your day with gaming here on TGN. But I gotta sleep sometime. So where I leave off, gaming magazines pick up. In this case, it's Figure Painter Magazine. Because you definitely don't want to be taking painting advice from me! Instead, flip through the magazine and get tips and techniques from the best painters out there today. Issue 46 is now available for your reading pleasure.
I know many of you love to fill up your day with as much gaming as you can. Well, for those times where you've got a bit of downtime, you can grab yourself a gaming magazine. One of the fine publications you could read is Initiative Magazine. You can get your own copy of Issue 8 now.
I've not painted a mini in years. But lately, I've been kinda wanting to get some colored goop onto my Guild Ball teams. Thing is, I know my skills have certainly atrophied in the time it's been since I last painted. So, if I want my first miniature I do to not be garbage, I should at least read up on some good painting techniques. Thankfully, Figure Painter Magazine is here to help, and issue 43 is available now.
If you're really into getting your minis looking as good as possible, you'll want to take every opportunity to improve your skills. My skills are incredibly lacking, with my painted minis just north of "well, they don't look like you did it with a paintball gun..." So if you don't want your painting to be like mine, you might want to sign up for SeminART 3 with Chris Clayton.
There's a whole lot of new gaming magazine going on in this issue. The folks at Robot Pigeon Publishing have been working hard on both Figure Painter Magazine as well as Initiative, and they've got new issues of both as the result. As always, there's a lot of good information to be had in-between those covers.
I really gotta get back into painting my minis. I've got 3 Guild Ball teams, resplendent in their pewter shine and resin grey, but they really could use to have some actual color on them. Every time I see a new issue of Figure Painter Magazine come out, I think, "yeah, this time I'll do it." Well, I've not got much going on this weekend, perhaps it will be the day. Oh, also, there's a new issue of Figure Painter Magazine out. My it inspire you to get your paints out as well.
The folks over at Robot Pigeon Publishing have certainly been busy. They not only have a new issue of their flagship magazine, Figure Painter Magazine, but also of Initiative. If you're like me and you could really use to increase your ability in painting, you'll want to check them out. Though even if you're regularly painting awesome pieces, there's always something more to learn in the pages of these magazines.
From gaming in general to making your miniatures look as good as possible, I'm happy to tell you that Figure Painter Magazine issue 38 is now available. I know I could certainly use to brush up on my painting skills.
"Brush up"? "Painting skills"? Get it? Oh nevermind...
You know, my Guild Ball teams only have 6 figures on the pitch at a time. I really should get around to painting them. I mean, it's just 6 figures. Though I've not painted in ages. I should look over some of the tutorials and articles in Figure Painter Magazine to help me out. And hey, issue 37 is available now.
So we had our Terrain Corner in order to get your gaming table looking as good as possible. Now we're looking to make your miniatures look as good as possible with a new issue of Figure Painter Magazine, issue 36 of which is available now for your downloading and reading pleasure.
The fellows over at Figure Painter Magazine do their best to give you everything you need to up your painting game. But different people learn in different ways and having an instructor actually show you techniques first-hand is a great way to get better. Well, with that in mind, they've started their SeminART series of classes, the first of which is booking now.
Seeing as I've recently picked up Guild Ball, I really should think about getting back into painting. It's only a half-dozen models on a team when playing, and there's only about twice that available for each team, anyway. Reading through the pages of Figure Painter Magazine will certainly help me get back up to speed. Issue 35 is available now as well.
I guess soon you'll see me posting news stories of "Grab the Initiative!" meaning that the latest issue of Initiative magazine is now available. I guess this is a pun pre-warning. But yes, the people behind Figure Painter Magazine have decided to branch out from just making everyone the best painters they can and are working on a general gaming magazine.
Over the weekend, as I'd mentioned, I inventoried and took photos of a lot of old gaming stuff I'm going to be selling. I... am not good at painting. Even when I was doing it a lot, I wasn't really better than "randomly throwing paint around." Too bad I never read Figure Painter Magazine back then. Maybe my figures being painted wouldn't seem as a liability anymore when trying to sell them. No, if I knew all the tips and tricks from inside those pages, the models would probably be worth a lot more. Well, Issue 34 of the magazine is out now. I should read it so I can get better so the new figures I get will look a lot better.
It's time once again to raise the painting level of the website by letting you know that the next issue of Figure Painter Magazine is available for your downloading and reading pleasure. Does your painting need a bit of a boost? Want to learn the techniques of some of the greatest painters out there? You'll want to pick up this issue.
I really should get off my lazy butt and paint something again. I honestly can't remember the last figure I painted. ... Maybe some Ice Caste for Dark Age? Maybe something for the Prefecture for Bushido? I forget. Needless to say, when I do finally pick up a brush again, my skills are going to be weaksauce. However, I can still read up on techniques that'll help me when I do once more put colored goop to mini in Figure Painter Magazine, issue 32 of which is available now.
I actually painted something recently! Crazy, right? Granted... all I did was paint the tops of my Betrayal at Calth troop bases. Ultramarines got Ultramarine Blue (yes, I still have a pot that's called that. Citadel Paint is bulletproof) and the Word Bearers got Blood Red. Since they're all Marines, I needed a quick and easy way to tell the difference while playing. So... really, it wasn't much in the way of painting. But if I were going to really get into painting, I'd want to look over Figure Painter Magazine for tips and pointers. Issue 31 also just came out.
You know, the world of hobby gaming is a rather broad topic, when you think of it. Card games, board games, miniatures games, dice games, and even various dexterity-based games. Such is the world of painting. It certainly overlaps a lot with our hobby gaming world. Most noticeably in the miniatures games, but a lot of board games have figures more-than suited to a coat of paint. But painting also has its own less-seen aspects. It's some of those that are covered primarily in this issue of Figure Painter Magazine, available now.
As I've mentioned recently, my painting could be considered mediocre at best. My figures have a 3' paint job. That's to say that if held at arm's length, then they look alright. That's as opposed to a 3" paint job, where you have the figure right up to your face. If you want to turn your 3' paint jobs into 3" paint jobs, Figure Painter Magazine can help. Issue 29 is now available.
I haven't painted a figure in quite some time. It's sad, really. But then again, I've not had much time to really play a minis game regularly in a while. And I'm not really one to just "paint for the sake of painting." So if/when I do pick up a brush again, I know I'll need all the help I can get with tips and tactics for painting well. Thankfully, there are magazines like Figure Painter Magazine to help. And issue 28 is available now.
Many of us can appreciate a really-well-painted figure. Even if we, ourselves, don't do much painting (I think the last figure I painted was over a year ago), we can still look at a mini and go, "Damn!" Well, for those of you who want your painting skills as high as they can, or if you just like looking at really pretty models, there's Figure Painter Magazine. Issue 27 is available now.