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Fiendish Fabrications

Fiendish Fabrications has a new Gothica miniature available: the Rocketrix.From the release:After a bit of a quiet patch we are releasing our newest VSK miniature: Louise Stephenson – The Rocketrix. A
Fiendish Fabrications has a touch of the voodoo happening over at their website with their new Ghede models dey be releasin'.From the release:Fiendish Fabrications have added new set of 28mm figures t
Fiendish Fabrications has another two gothic horror miniatures for you.From the release:Fiendish Fabrications bring you two new Gothica Miniatures for April to strike fear into the little metal hearts
Fiendish Fabrications has a pair of new models up on their website, the Bosun and the Pilot.From them to you:Ho and Up! - The famous cry of the Imperial Aero Corps. Fiendish Fabrications have added a
Fiendish Fabrications has a new Gothica miniature for your enjoyment. Take a look!From the update: What are the chances of something coming from Mars” Well just ask the newest addition to our Gothica
Fiendish Fabrications has a new set of gothic flagstone bases to enhance the look of your minis.From the announcement:Fiendish Fabrications have added a new series of scenic bases to their Solid Earth
Fiendish Fabrications introduces Dr Molar and his toothsome assistant Nurse Rictus (and her classic British choppers):From their post:Just when you thought a visit to the dentist had lost all of its o
Fiendish Fabrications has two nautical themed releases:From their website:First up is a new set of figures for their Gothica Miniatures range – Sit Herbert Sogoth-Smythe and Yoggy (his faithful pet &
Fiendish Fabrications are now offering their Pulp Mudmen Sets I & II as a Mudman Tribe package:From their post:All ten Pulp Mudmen are included (9 warriors and 1 Shaman).From the heart of the New Guin
Fiendish Fabrications posts continuing with their Tweak Project they have their newest revamped figure:From their website:This one is our Agent Provocateur and she has replaced or Agent Lefebvre minia
Fiendish Fabrications posts their first January releases from their Gothica Miniatures line. From their facebook:Well here's our first release for 2012. There are more releases to come soon. Just tryi
Fiendish Fabrications has their final word for the year 2011 with the release of Set 2 of their Pillow A-Go-Go Battle Babes:From their website:with the first, has three battle hardened, pillow wieldin
Fiendish Fabrications brings from the darkest reaches of the New Guinean jungles these Stone Age warriors of a bygone age:From their announcement:These fine little chaps are 28mm scale and designed fo
Fiendish Fabrications announces the first set of Pillow A-Go-Go Battle Babes have arrived, three of the toughest pillow weilding gals this side of the beauty salon:From their announcement:When 'pillow
Fiendish Fabrications announces something new and a revamp: From their announcement:This month sees the release of Sir Rupert Fleet – newspaper mogul and robber baron and his loyal hound Nelson. This
Fiendish Fabrications Announces New Products Available:From their announcement:Stop the press! Report just in that a new set figurines have been released by Fiendish Fabrications for your modelling an
Fiendish Fabrications Releases New Miniatures:From their announcement:Straight off the street right outside the door of Fiendish Fabrications come our newest set of figures: The Bully Twins – Frank &
Fiendish Fabrications release a new game:From their announcement:Pillow-A-Go-Go is a game of pillow wielding combat where scantily clad young beauties engage in frenzied action for dominance of the Su
Fiendish Fabrications has a new look:From their announcement:Fiendish Fabrications has undergone a facelift. The site now has some nice updated look and has been streamlined for easier navigation. Som
Fiendish Fabrications has releases new miniatures for their new line.From their announcement:Before the advent of Robot B9 there was B4 the Iron Minion. The newest inclusion to our line of VSF figures
Fiendish Fabrications is having a holiday sale. From their announcment: In the lead up to Hallowe’en Fiendish Fabrications is having a sale on their Sinister Scarecrow range of miniatures. The range i
Fiendish Fabrications have added a new set of figures to their Gothica Miniatures range. From their announcement: Well, well, well… It looks like time to get sharp and have some fun. The streets ca
Fiendish Fabrications have added the Doctor Pazuzu figure to their Gothica Miniatures range. From their announcement: Is there a doctor in the house? Please welcome the newest addition to our Gothic
Fiendish Fabrications have released a new series of Pirate Deck bases. From their announcement: In the lead up to the International Talk like a Pirate day we here at FF have turned the big brassy dia
Fiendish Fabrications have released a set of 28mm Harpoon Guns. From their announcement: The first item in our new range of “stuff we don’t have a name for yet” is a set of two 28mm Harpoon Guns. The