Fields of Fire

Proving Ground Games' Fields of Fire now available digitally

Proving Ground Games now has their Fields of Fire game available as a digital download.

Fields of Fire


From the announcement:

Origins Award wininng Fields of Fire is now available on Wargame Vault for digital download. Fields of Fire is a modern historical miniatures game set in 1975 to present. This fast paced game allows you to play at both 1:285 and 15 or 20 mm scale in this updated rules set. The digital version includes 104 pages of rules, play aids, scenarios, vehicle data sheets, and 2 sets of playcharts, one for 1:285 and 1 for 15/20 mm.

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Proving Grounds Games updates their Field of Fire Kickstarter

Proving Grounds Games has just over a week left on their Kickstarter and they're just under half of their total goal. Will they be able to make it?

From the update:

Breaching $1000, Fields of Fire is well on its way to being funded.
Centerburg, Ohio, April 3, 2013– Proving Ground Games, a new game design and publication company, announced today that the halfway point has been reached for its kickstarter campaign to fund Fields of Fire, a miniatures game of modern combat utilizing the Micro Armour, or 1:285 scale miniatures.
“To have finally reached a little over $1,000 of our goal is fantastic. It will pretty much mean the completion of this project and the publication of the rules set for our customers.”

Having reached this milestone, Proving Ground Games can continue with plans to have the rules books printed and ready for distribution and sales. Fields of Fire was originally published in 2001 and is being republished as an all new edition. Backers of the Kickstarter have many reward options including signed copies of the game and special sets that include miniatures from GHQ. The company is excited to professionally publish this edition and bring it to a wider audience.
Proving Ground Games also have a new board game in the playtest stage called 1740, which backers of the company can see launched on Kickstarter soon.

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Proving Ground Games launches Fields of Fire Kickstarter project

Proving Ground Games has launched a Kickstarter for Fields of Fire, their modern-warfare miniatures game rules set.

From the campaign:

With this simple, yet realistic rules compilation, you’ll be advancing across the board with your own tank battalion within minutes!

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