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FG MiniZ

It's Friday. So tomorrow's the weekend. It's also the last weekend before Gen Con. I know some people that'll be headed towards Indy as early as Monday morning. That means there's lots to get done thi
We've made it to the halfway mark. Just the rest of today, and then two full days and we'll be back into the sweet embrace of the weekend. How will you be beating the heat? Inside gaming? Outside tryi
FG MiniZ has an Indiegogo campaign underway for their 28mm Iron Brigade at Gettysburg.SourceFrom the campaign:Our goal is to create a range of 28mm ACW miniatures depicting the Iron Brigade at Gettysb
FG MiniZ has started taking pre-orders for their new 14th Brooklyn (84th NY) from their American Civil War line.SourceFrom the post:Let's go !! Pre-order Starts now !! It will end on the 10th of Decem
FG MiniZ is showing off their 14th Brooklyn (84th New York) models from their American Civil War line. They've got them on pre-sale right now.SourceFrom the post:Well here is something a little bit di
FG MiniZ helps you paint your historical minis in the right colors with their new Prussian Army Uniformological Plates.SourceFrom the release:As promised here is a nearly unique painting guide for the
FG MiniZ has some new Prussian Infantry available over on their website, so go take a look-see.SourceFrom the release:Hi, Gentlemen!I am very happy to announce that our Prussians are now available for
FG MiniZ has made it to their funding goal on Kickstarter for their1806-1807 Prussians over on Indiegogo. They've still got 12 days left, so it's stretch goals from here on out.From the update:Thank y
FG MiniZ is now teamed up with GMB Designs for their 28mm Prussian campaign over on Indiegogo.From the announcement:I am glad to announce that Grahame at GMB Designs is going to be our partner for our
FG MiniZ gives us a preview of their upcoming model line with a look at the green for a Prussian Mounted Colonel.From the preview:Our Indiegogo Campaign has been launched from few days and I want to w
FG MiniZ posted up a size comparison for their new Prussian models compared to some other Napoleonic lines as well as a little FAQ about their Indiegogo campaign.From the update:Here are two pictures
FG MiniZ has launched an Indiegogo campaign in order to fund a new line of 28mm Prussians (years 1806-1807) as the start of a new line of Napoleonics figures.From the campaign:I have the pleasure to l