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Sure, you can have a regular, heroic adventuring party. But why not create your own band of thieves and create a guild? Sounds pretty awesome, right? But how do you go about doing it actually in the g
What would you rather do? Rot in space jail for the rest of your life or be sent out on dangerous missions to far-off planets? I mean, I might go with that second option. You at least get to see the s
Dungeons & Dragons Core Rulebooks Gift Set
The suave personality. The fancy clothes. The cool cars. The futuristic gadgets. Spies certainly have a lot going for them. Sure, there's possible death around every corner, but I think it's worth the
You're a member of an elite covert-ops team. You've got the best gear and training. Your missions include deep-cover operations in hostile territory. You're a member of Wraith Recon. And while most ga
Seems we've got a couple stories talking about games that were successfully Kickstarter now being available to order. In this case, it's Ghost Ops. The game is a tabletop RPG where you'll be part of a
The military has all manner of special forces that they train for various missions. Navy Seals, Green Berets, Army Rangers. They are the elite of the elite. They go in where precision raids need to be
In the far distant future, the human race has stretched out into the stars. Unfortunately, being humans, we've pretty much annoyed, bothered, and become enemies with just about every sentient race we'