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Fenris Games

It's Friday! Woo! Gateway to the weekend. Of course, I'm excited, because that's how I am on Fridays. The work week is almost over and it's time to relax. But first, we need to nosh on a couple of bit
We're continuing our way along the work week. We've come over the middle of hump-day yesterday and are sliding our way to the weekend. As predicted, my Wednesday did seem to take a while, but as I men
Amazing what a difference a week makes. Last week, I was lamenting how long it was all taking. This morning, I woke up and was like, "Whoah... it's already Wednesday!" That certainly works for me. Fas
Fenris Games gives you some more options for your tabletop terrain with their new power line towers (or electricity pylons, if you prefer) over in their webshop.SourceFrom the release:New in the websh
Fenris Games has started taking orders for their new H.P. Lovecraft bust they've been working on.SourceFrom the announcement:Phil Hynes has sculpted a cracking 1/6th scale bust of old longfaced HPL hi
Fenris Games is cleaning up the shop and giving you guys the goods with their clearance sale going on now.SourceFrom the announcement:We're clearing some space in the overcrowded workshop, so there's
Fenris Games has started taking order for their new Trike Brothers. Seems fitting that there's 3 of them, too.SourceFrom the post:More pre-orders: the Trike Bros. mutants.Trigger, Chucky and Stan. 55m
Fenris Games is taking orders before Crisis and giving you a discount if you do so.SourceFrom the announcement:With over 925 items now in the webshop there's not a hope in Hades of us bringing everyth
Fenris Games has posted up some preview shots of a ceratops mutant warrior they're working on.SourceFrom the post:Coming soon - ceratops mutant warrior(s) by Snuurg. Three variant heads, alternate wea
Fenris Games has their 2nd wave of Cthulhu Wars singles available over in their webshop.SourceFrom the release:We've released the second batch of individual models from the Cthulhu Wars game, includin
Fenris Games has their brand new website up and running. Go check it out.SourceFrom the launch:After a much longer gestation period than first hoped, our new website is now up and running, Far easier
Fenris Games shows off the green for their Giant Hornet they'll be shipping out soon.I feel like Al Hirt should be playing.SourceFrom the post:Finally found the time yesterday to make the moulds for t
Fenris Games and the Lazy Forger have some new releases available to pre-order from off of the Fenris Games' site.SourceFrom the announcement:We've just struck a deal with popular architectural modell
Oddity Miniatures has a big announcement posted, the main crux of it being that they were purchased by Hasslefree Miniatures.SourceFrom the announcement:The big announcement!First of all I want to tha
Fenris Games is showing off this preview photo of a new line of bases they're working on.SourceFrom the preview:WIP on a whole new base range: Cursed Earth.
Fenris Games is showing off this preview WIP of Chaugnar Faugn.SourceFrom the preview:Monday morning, and more Cthulhu Wars WIP sculpting. This time, everyone's favourite elephant-headed, flab-encrust
Fenris Games is seriously giving off the heebie-jeebies with this latest green. Check out the Atlach-Nacha.From the preview:Know anybody who's scared of spiders? They're going to love Atlach-Nacha....
Fenris Games adds more basing options to your modeling toolkit with the release of their new Darkmere bases.From the release:All-new Darkmere swamp bases, DS profile, deep recess for adding water effe
Fenris Games is taking down names of those of you gamers who want to get their upcoming Derrick terrain piece as soon as it's available.From the announcement:We're adding another piece of laser-cut in
Fenris Games is headed to Salute next weekend and will be bringing some new terrain pieces with them.From the announcement:We've got a couple of new laser-cut kits ready just in time for Salute, and a
Fenris Games gives us a look at the Leonidas they're going to have in their upcoming Bronze Age line.From the preview:Another Monday morning....another painted Bronze Age mini from the starter range w
Fenris Games was glad for the service you guys did in helping name their "guy with stick" so they're doing it again, this time with a monster.Note: post your name suggestions on the linked page, not i
Fenris Games is another company looking for help in naming one of their game pieces. Theirs is more of a fantasy figure. What do you think he should be called?From the update:I never did decide on a n
Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher has had the chance to check out the Fenris Games Post Apocalypse resin bases range.From the review:Over the last couple of years I have been using the Fenris Games Post
Fenris Games is also expecting the world to end, but just in case it doesn't, they've got a sale on their Loyalty card going to double your points.Today only, any Loyalty Card purchased in our 2013 re