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Fat Dragon Games

The work week is certainly chugging its way along. We've already made it to Thursday. Of course, I'm looking forward to the weekend. It's the first time in over a month that we're going to get to play
Hello and welcome to Friday. The heatwave we've been having here in Atlanta is supposed to come to an end today. Back down into the 40s by Sunday... to bounce back up to the 60s early next week. And y
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Fridaaaaaaay! Woo! Man, even with a short week, it still felt like yesterday should've been Friday. But it wasn't. Today is. Ah well, better late than never. Time to get everything ready for the week
Many feel that Nikola Tesla was ahead of his time, possibly even from the future. He certainly pushed the boundaries of science for the time. So it seems only fitting that a game bearing his name is d
The work week continues along. We're in that second-half slide towards the weekend. And I'm excited for it, since I've got a great weekend lined up. My new gaming mat should be here today or tomorrow,
Aaaaaaand we've landed back on Monday. The first Monday of Autumn (or Spring, for you Southern-Hemisphere-ers). Too bad it's still really warm up here. I don't consider 90 degrees to be very "fall-lik
And here we are, back at Monday. Thinking back, this is the first Monday in the last 3 that I've been at the office. Last week was the storm, and the week before was Labor Day. My Monday shirts got a
Back in the office on Monday and Devo's telling me about workin' in a coal mine. Now, obviously, running TGN is nothing like actually being in a coal mine. First, I'm at a desk, typing news stories in
We've made it to Thursday. Just a couple days now and we'll be firmly into the weekend. As we roll along, you might be thinking about your gaming tables and wanting to make them as good-looking as pos
Happy Halloween, everyone!I hope everyone is having a good time with some sweet treats and scary movies.And, hey, it's another chance to break out your convention costumes, too! Bonus!Anyway, let's ma
You know... I could've sworn that I put a weekend here just a minute ago.Really, my weekend went by ridiculously quick. For example, on Friday, I blinked and suddenly it was 1am. Then Saturday went by
So, my weekend was filled with gaming and cooking. For gaming, on Saturday we played some Ascension, some Dogs of War, and some Ninja Camp. We also talked a bunch about a 5th edition game coming up. A
The work week continues on. As we make our way towards the weekend, the mind turns to gaming (at least, mind does). And seeing as much of the time, that gaming takes the form of a minis game or an RPG
We're getting there, people. We're making our way to the weekend. For many, it will start with some Halloween parties tomorrow night. Any of you got any Halloween gaming plans? I'm thinking I might ju
Despite the fact that I was in my Wednesday shirt all day yesterday, that we had a Midweek Snippets feature, and several other factors, all day and into the evening I thought to myself, "Well, tomorro
Fat Dragon Games has made it through quite a few stretch goals in their Outdoor Terrain Kickstarter campaign. They're adding more models to the pledges as well as more add-ons. They've got tie-ins wit
Fat Dragon Games launched their Kickstarter campaign for their latest set of terrain. This time it's Wilderness Adventures (and for some reason, that reminds me of the campground in National Lampoon's
Fat Dragon Games released their Ravenfell Ruins paper terrain set over on RPGNow. Go download yourself a copy.SourceFrom them to you:RAVENFELL: Ruins includes everything you need to create ruined stru
Fat Dragon Games is having a sale on all their products over on RPGNow in honor of the spooky season.SourceFrom them to you:Our annual Halloween sale is on! Save 25% on everything in our catalog
Fat Dragon Games is showing off artwork for their steampunk stretch goal rewards as part of their Ravenfell Kickstarter campaign. There's a week left, so you've still got some time to jump in on some
Fat Dragon Games has a Kickstarter campaign they just launched for a new terrain line called Ravenfell. They've made more than 13x their goal already. So it's stretch goals for 32 days.SourceFrom the
Fat Dragon Games has a new Drow Dungeon paper terrain set available to help spice up your tabletop.SourceFrom the release:Fat Dragon Games has just released a 28mm scale Drow themed terrain set for 28
Fat Dragon Games takes you underground with their latest paper terrain set. These are the Mines of the Mountain King.SourceFrom the release:Mines of the Mountain King is the second release of Fat Drag
Fat Dragon Games has a new Dwarven Halls terrain pdf available to help enhance your tabletop gaming experience.From the release:Halls of the Mountain King is the first release of Fat Dragon Games' unp
Fat Dragon Games has launched their Kickstarter project for their Dungeons of the Mountain King modular terrain set.From the campaign:Fat Dragon Games' latest Kickstarter project is a dwarven kingdom