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Faster Than Light

As always, One Page Rules' posts are full of stuff, even if the intro is like, "This'll just be a quick one." That means it's only like 15 new things, as opposed to 150. They've got campaign rules for
I don't think the folks at One Page Rules sleep. I honestly don't. As always, their updates are just huge, and this one's no different. New updates to rules. New game releases. The results of their Wr
Well, the One Page Rules folks have finally come to the realization that, "hey... we put, like, a whole -ton- of stuff in our updates." Though I don't know why they're seemingly apologizing for that.
As always with One Page Rules' updates, even though they're like, "hey, this is a small update," it includes things like an overhaul and rebalance of army lists, a big update to Faster Than Light, an
Over on One Page Rules' Patreon page, certain subscribers can get printable STL files for all sorts of minis. These figures don't last forever, though, as once the month is up, they're gone. One Page
No update from One Page Rules is ever a small update. They always have a whole bunch of stuff going on. This update is no different, with the release of their new fleet game, Faster Than Light, as wel
As with all of One Page Rule's updates, this one has a whole ton of new stuff going on in it. They've got some new minis. They've got some new standees. But biggest of all, they have a whole new game.