Gamemaster's Guide for 1879 RPG Up On Kickstarter

The world of Fasa's 1879 is a bit different than the one you learned about in history class. Here, Albert and Victoria are still in control of the British Empire, but that empire now includes Grosvenor Land. Or, it would include it, if the natives weren't being so persnickety about it. Found by going through a portal known as the Rabbit Hole, the land is one that seems split off from the rest of history. There's fertile plains, towering mountains, giant insects, and the Babylonians (who managed to find the place 3000 years earlier). Then there's the Saurid tribes. They're lizard-like beings that also inhabit the land. If you'd like to take your players into such a world, you will be able to with the 1879 Gamemaster's Guide, which is up on Kickstarter now.

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FASA launches Kickstarter for Earthdawn 4th edition

FASA launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund a 4th edition of Earthdawn. They've made their goal and then some, so it's stretch goals for the next 28 days.


From the campaign:

It is the Age of Legend. For hundreds of years, the Horrors ravaged the world, a time of suffering and destruction called the Scourge. People survived, hidden away in magical underground shelters called kaers. Generations lived—and died—locked away from the stars and sky behind their wards.

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