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Alien Dungeon has some more free rules downloads for Fanticide available over on their webpage. Why not go get yourself a copy?From the announcement:In our continued quest across the lands of Nowhere,
Fanticide, from Alien Dungeon, is getting a new warband. Now make like a tree, and go look at the new models.From the release:One of the most flexible aspects of games of Fanticide is the ability to c
Alien Dungeon has come out with their next new unit for Fanticide: Flower Dryads.Note: Not showing a picture because they're nude. Just so you know before you click the link.Our first Official new uni
Alien Dungeon now has their long-anticipated Fanticide game available for sale on their website.From the release:Alien Dungeon is pleased to announce that Fanticide is here! The web store is open and
Alien Dungeon gives us a look inside the Creeps' rules as they build a 500 point force.From the article:Alien Dungeon is pleased to announce an in-depth feature on the Creeps! Head over to our website
Alien Dungeon put up a video interview they did wherein they talk all things Fanticide.From the interview:Many people have asked us about the reasons behind coming up with a new game like Fanticide, t
Alien Dungeon wants your input as to what the next Fanticide warband should be.From them to you: We want you to participate!With Fanticide off to the printer and the first four warbands all in product
Alien Dungeon is almost to their goal on Kickstarter with still 10 days to go. They've added some new add-ons to help entice you to fund them.With such a great reception to Fanticide from you all, we
Alien Dungeon is having a Fanticide giveaway where they want to give you the creeps.From the announcement:We want to give you the Creeps! A new Fanticide giveaway is happening now. Visit our website
Alien Dungeon has some new teaser artwork up for Fanticide, but they're not really letting us know what it is yet.From the preview:For Fanticide but What are they?
Alien Dungeon is looking for funding for Fanticide over on Kickstarter. Check 'em out and maybe pledge some.From the campaign:You have seen the previews and excitement has been building for the releas
Alien Dungeon has some exclusive web content for their Liberi Centaurs up on their website.From the update:It is Liberi Week at Alien Dungeon and we kick off that feature with a look at Part 1: Liber
Alien Dungeon is about ready to release Fanticide. In celebration, they're giving some of it away.From the contest:The Fanticide Rulebook has gone off to the printers! We are in the home stretch now!
Alien Dungeon has another preview of their upcoming Fanticide game with a look at the magic system.From the preview:As we get closer to the launch of Fanticide, our previews continue with a look at t
Alien Dungeon has a new preview up and it's one Creepy Mother "Shut Yo' Mouth!" ... I'm just talkin' 'bout Fanticide.From the preview:Creepy Mothers are huge ambling creatures. Creeps grow and grow un
Alien Dungeon has some new fae-led Boogies over on their website for you to see. And yes, you can call yours Treebeard if you want.From the update:The Fae are a mysterious and dangerous peoples, and t
Alien Dungeon has a new model for their Fanticide game, the flying gorilla. No silly little hats and vests for these fellas.From the update:The Flying Monkeys of the Kingdom of Odd have added a terrif
Alien Dungeon shows off some more Fanticide models they've got over on their website. These tiny fellas are in 10mm. (except for the guy with the antlers. He's 28mm)From the update:Some of our Fantici
Alien Dungeon put a new Fanticide preview up on their website. Go have a look-see.From the update:The madness continues in the Alien Dungeon with another preview of Fanticide! Head over to the websi
Alien Dungeon announces their new minis gaming coming out soon: Fanticide!From the announcement:Alien Dungeon is pleased to officially announce Fanticide! This exciting new 28mm Fantasy Skirmish Game