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Fantasy Realms

Want to get all your Fantasy Realms stuff in one box, with updated looks, and a bunch of extras? Then you'll want to get your name on the list to get the Fantasy Realms: Deluxe Edition over in the Wiz
If you're a fan of Fantasy Realms but wish the game was just a bit fancier, or if you missed out on its initial release 5 years ago and are looking to get it all in one go, you'll be excited to hear t
You've perhaps played the Fantasy Realms game. But what if you wanted to visit new planets on the other side of the galaxy instead of various fantasy lands? Well, then you'd want to pick up Star Trek
The Cursed Hoard is actually more than just a single expansion for Fantasy Realms. It includes two new sets that you can add separately or together to help enhance your games. Want to add some cursed
If you've got a kingdom, you want it to be a strong kingdom. However, there's several different ways to measure whether your kingdom is strong or not. Do you have a massive army? Do you take to the ca
When it comes to a fantasy kingdom, the only limit is your imagination. You can build them just about any way you want. And that's what you'll be doing in Fantasy Realms, a card game coming soon from