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Characters in Star Wars go through many arcs during thei saga. For example, Luke Skywalker starts the very first movie of the series as a simple farmboy and ends up being the last Jedi. And then the movie series ends and that's all that ever happens. Since characters go through these changes, it only makes sense to have multiple versions of them in Star Wars: Legion. that's why we're getting an Operative version of him soon. In this preview, you can get a peek at what he'll be like.

For many people here in the US, once Gen Con is over, they might feel that the biggest show of the convention season is over. But those over in Europe know better. Essen Spiel is still coming up, and Fantasy Flight will be there with a special, limited edition of Obi-Wan Kenobi for Star Wars: Legion.

If you're like me, you like to personalize your minis collections as much as possible. You might paint up your figures in special colors. Maybe you get special bases. Or you get custom dice. Now, Fantasy Flight is letting you add some more personality via their faction-specific Damage Decks (note: they're the same cards, but feature a different ship for the artwork depending on the faction in question).

The Imperial Army has a Stormtrooper for every type of environment and terrain. So, while we're waiting for the "light drizzle in the park" Troopers, we can still be adding Shoretroopers to our forces for Star Wars: Legion. You can pick up these beach specialists online or down at your LGS now.

Rebellion in the Rim is the upcoming campaign expansion for Star Wars: Armada. It will take players to, of course, the Outer Rim, where the Rebellion and Empire are going to battle for supremacy in that mostly-lawless region. In this preview, we get a look at the different objectives that players will be fighting over with their mighty fleets of starships.

I don't care how many times I read it, I keep seeing BLT Y-Wing instead of BTL-B Y-Wing. Makes me want to get a sandwich... Anyway, the BTL-B Y-Wing is coming soon for the Republic forces in X-Wing. Get yourself a look at what this new ship (or, old ship, as it were) is capable of.

Dead of Night. Some people might use that term to describe when I wake up in the morning and start work (been up since 2:30am. No alarm clock required. And no caffeine consumed). But it's also the name of the next expansion coming up for Arkham Horror. As one would expect, there's some new Investigators incoming. In this preview, we get a look at them.

The next Campaign Expansion for Star Wars: Armada is making its way closer to its release date. It's Rebellion in the Rim, and it will take players all across the Outer Rim of the galaxy (as one would expect from the name). In this preview, we get a look at the different Task Force Commanders that Empire and Rebellion players will be adding to their fleets.

How about those Special Editions, y'all? Originally just a static thing in the background, the Dewback got a bit more screen-time in the Special Editions of the original Star Wars trilogy. Soon, you'll be able to add this lumbering lizard to your squads in Star Wars: Legion. Let's take a look at what you'll get.

It's a 1-2 punch announcement from Fantasy Flight for the Legend of the Five Rings RPG. There's a new sourcebook called Path of Waves that will take players to the edge of Rokugan, where they will meet the ronin, as well as gaijin as they traverse the world between the castes and the clans. Then, there's a new adventure, Sins of Regret, that will have players trying to solve mysteries in this cast-off part of the world.

Your standard Stormtrooper might not know how to install a toilet main, but they do know everything about killing and white uniforms. But when there's a need for more specialized troops, the Empire is ready to deploy those at a moment's notice. Beach landings have been an important part of warfare forever, and to keep the Empire's shorelines safe, tehre's the Shoretroopers. Soon, they'll be making their way to Star Wars: Legion tabletops. Take yourself a look.

The center of the Separatists' planetary network is Geonosis. That's where their factories turn out huge numbers of Battle Droids. Obviously, they'll have to keep that planet well-protected. That includes its skies, which they fill with Nantex fighters. They'll soon be making their way to tabletops in X-Wing as well. So, let's see what they're capable of.

Man, it's hard to believe that Gen Con is more than a week over with already. Seems like I was just there yesterday (for reference, I wasn't and am not making a silly pun now). But home we are, and after all the craziness during and just after, it's time to get back into the regular swing of things. In this instance, that means getting you the best-looking gaming table possible.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Fantasy Flight Announces Imperial Bunker Set For Star Wars: Legion, Deep-Cut Studio Releases New Steppe V2 Gaming Mat, New Wooden Barrels Available From Tabletop-Art, and Packages Set Available From Tabletop-Art.

The Genesys RPG system supports gaming in any genere in any style. Of course, with something as broad as that, there's going to be a lot of ground to cover and a lot of things players can potentially want to do. You're going to need rules for some of those options beyond "wing it" or the generalized rules. Thankfully, Fantasy Flight is coming out with the Expanded Player's Guide to help out.

With the update to 2nd Edition, all the ships that had come out for X-Wing are in need of an update. That includes the really huge ones. In this preview, we get a look at what the Imperial Raider will look like when it gets the update and hits tables soon.

As more expansions come out for Star Wars: Legion, people's forces become more and more diversified. And with some new Upgrade Expansions coming out soon, they'll be even more change. There's going to be one for everyone: Imperial Stormtroopers, Rebel Troopers, B1 Battle Droids, and Phase 1 Clone Troopers. Let's take a look at each.

We're rolling along with the FFG previews as they have yet another to show off. In this instance, they're continuing along with Star Wars: Legion with more of the Clone Wars era. There's hereoes. There's villains. There's troopers. There's tanks. It's a little for each side.

Fantasy Flight is going all-in with their new X-Wing releases. They have announced the next wave of ships, and it's a whole squadron in and of itself. They've also got a trio of upgrade packs for players to get all the different pilots, upgrades, and more from not just previous packs, but new stuff as well.

Been a while since we've heard about Star Wars: Aramada. Last news was also the delay in the Executor release, too. Well, this one's a bit more upbeat. Fantasy Flight has announced a new pair of ships coming soon to the game.

The world's about to end. The evil ritual has been finished. The abomination from another dimension is here. But it might not be too late after all. That's what's happening in Arkham Horror: Final Hour, a new cooperative board game coming from Fantasy Flight.

I know we don't tend to have much coverage of LCGs and CCGs here on TGN, but this is a pretty big property announcement coming out of Fantasy Flight. They are going to make a new cooperative LCG, Marvel Champions. Grab your favorite superheroes and save the world from evil.

The Galactic Republic has been around for thousands of years. But the Trade Federation is looking to make a change. They want to leave and take some choice systems with them. The mass of their army is made up of droids, and that's what you get a preview of for the upcoming starter set for Star Wars: Legion. Let's take a look.

A big attraction every year at Gen Con is Fantasy Flight's booth. They've always got a crowd in front of their display case, as it's always stocked with the latest and greatest things. This year, certainly, will be no different. What kinds of things might they have? Let's take a look.

During the Clone Wars, the Army of the Republic was made up of clones (hence the name) led by fearless Jedi. Coming soon for Star Wars: Legion, players will be able to take this army to the field for themselves. In this preview, we get a look at the clone trooper units, the BARC speeder, as well as Obi-Wan who will be leading the charge.

Luke vs. Darth Vader. It's the classic confrontation that surrounds the middle of the Star Wars saga. Arguably the most iconic characters in the series, they already have representations in Star Wars: Legion. But both characters go through many changes during their time in the story, and so Fantasy Flight is bringing out new versions of them that will soon be hitting your tabletops. Let's take a look.