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The Hood might not be on a power level of someone like Galactus or Nimrod or something like that, but he can still cause a lot of trouble, being the supervillain that he is. And soon, he'll be who you
Villain. Anti-hero. Venom has been on both sides of the "Good guy" spectrum. But in this iteration, you're getting the one that's on the good-er side of things. You can pick up the Venom hero pack for
That's War Machine, not Warmachine. We're not talking Privateer Press here. Though about as many guns are involved. James Rhodes is coming to your tabletops in his fully tricked-out armor as War Machi
A ship caught out at sea. Few locations can be more isolating. It's onto this terribly claustrophobic location that you find yourself in Unfathomable, a new game in the Arkham Horror universe coming s
The conflicts in Middle-earth are growing in intensity as dark, nefarious actors work in the shadows to sew discord. It's stopping these dark deeds that you will attempt in Spreading War, a new expans
In order to keep a game nicely balanced and flowing well when played, sometimes updates must be made. All the playtesting a company can do doesn't compare to the thousands of games it gets when releas
Just outside of reality as we know it are entire other dimensions of existence filled with horrors ready to warp your mind as well as rip you limb from limb. At least, that's what's going on in Arkham
We've seen some Print and Play resources from Fantasy Flight lately, here's a grouping of them in case you missed them as part of their Play-and-Share Campaign. You can get cards for Marvel Champions,
Some new heroes are hitting the battlefields of Rokugan and you don't even have to head to your LGS or wait for the delivery person to drop them off at your place. You can simply head to the Fantasy F
Want to get some new content for your Arkham Horror: The Card Game collection? Don't feel like heading out to the LGS or waiting on the delivery person to bring it to you, though? Good news! You don't
A trio of new releases are available from Fantasy Flight Games this week. There's the new Drax set for Marvel Champions, the Under Fu Leng's Shadow set for the Legend of the Five Rings, and the new Da
Nebula had been one of the Guardians of the Galaxy's greatest foes. But, eventually, she turned into one of their greatest members. And soon, you can add her to your list of heroes in Marvel Champions
Fantasy Flight Game has two big board games that they've been working on, Unfathomable and Legends of the Dark. If you're craving more info about either (or both), then you'll want to tune in to Fanta
The newest expansion for the Arkham Horror Card Game is now available from Fantasy Flight Games. Stroll on down the boulevards in French Hill where things aren't all as they seem. This new big set can
Fantasy Flight Games has announced a new board game set in the Arkham Horror Universe. It's called Unfathomable and it takes players onto the SS Atlantica, a ship trying to make it across the Atlantic
The new Descent game, called Legends of the Dark, is coming soon from Fantasy Flight. As usual, you'll be heroes looking to save the world of Terrinoth. But who will you be saving it from? That's just
The latest set of cards for the Legend of the Five Rings LCG is now available. It's the Coils of Power dynasty pack. It's got a little something for everyone. So, no matter what clan you're the champi
I don't get to Antarctica much (being "No Bear Land" as it is). But you'll be headed there if you pick up either of the upcoming expansions for Arkham Horror: The Card Game. You thought eldritch horro
One of the biggest threats to the entire Marvel universe, the Mad Titan, Thanos, is looking to collect all the gems of the Infinity Gauntlet. It's up to the universe's heroes to stop him. And that's w
A pair of new decks are available from Fantasy Flight Games this week. You can head over and pick up a new set for both the Legend of the Five Rings LCG and the Arkham Horror LCG.
Marvel Champions is getting itself a bit of a tune-up in terms of the rules. And to give you a little insight into what was changed and why, Fantasy Flight has posted up an article talking about just
Someone needs to keep the galaxy safe, and the Guardians of the Galaxy have taken it upon themselves that they're the ones to do it (even if they can be a little zany at times). Star Lord and Gamorra
Under the sea. Under the sea. Now that that's stuck in your head, you are properly in the mood to learn that the latest KeyForge set, Dark Tidings, is now available. As the opening suggests, this set
A new Descent game, Legends of the Dark, is making its way to your tabletops soon. As always, there's various heroes that will be heading into those creepy, crawly spaces. Who are they and who will yo
Rokugan is a land of warfare. The different clans wage conflict all over. And with the new Legend of the Five Rings RPG books available from Fantasy Flight, you can experience those wars in all new wa