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"But I already have Kingmaker" you say. And yes, you may have the first edition, but what about the second edition? And what's more, this book is more than just the Pathfinder version. There's also th
The folks over at Seb Games have been working on a lot and they've got an update packed with tons of new stuff. They've got free downloads of rules, some previews of some new minis, and further info a
Dungeons & Dragons Core Rulebooks Gift Set
The next issue of the Grymwyrd Tales is now up on Kickstarter. It's entitled Beneath the Hole in the Floor and like the first, it's a new adventure scenario with a bit of a horror twist designed for 5
This is... surprising a small release month for Paizo. They've sometimes had more than a dozen things. This time, they've only got 5. But still, it's a bit for everyone. Pathfinder, Starfinder, maps,
Looking for a truly epic location for your players to end up in? How about a palace with 1001 rooms? That's what you get in the very-appropriately named The Palace of 1001 Rooms supplements. Chapter 7
If you're looking to make your RPG session a bit more Celtic, then you'll want to check out Against the Faerie Queene, a new RPG campaign that's up on Kickstarter now. Adventures, new classes, new mag
The Avatars of War Patreon campaign brings you new minis each month for their games with an old-school feel. This month, it's about the Dwarves. They have new figures up as part of their campaign avai
Often in combat, size matters. And so, the Beast-smasher Mega-Gargants matter a lot. Get a look at these huge figures coming soon to Age of Sigmar in this preview.
Back when I first got into videogames, it wasn't with these super-high graphics that we have today. Oh no. 8 bit was still kinda crazy in terms of resolution. And if you're looking to bring back the f
Age of Sigmar gets the new releases next week with the Disciples of Tzeentch Battletome. But if you're a 40k player or the various Lord of the Rings properties, there's some made-to-order stuff that'l
Do you really still consider it layers if it's just different bits on a sprue? Maybe. Anyway, Mantic has new Ogres coming to Kings of War and we get a look at some of them as well as the aforementione
40k had a whole ton of Chaos stuff going on for a few months there. But while they swap over to a new sector with the Squats, it's Age of Sigmar's turn to get some of that Chaos love. In this instance
Got a gaming session coming up and you're not sure what you're going to do? Just need a quick session to fill up some time? Roll & Play Press is here to help with their One-Shot Wonders book. It's
The Lumineth Realm-lords are getting themselves a new battletome in Age of Sigmar. You can look in and see some of what's in store for these shining paragons of virtue in this preview.
We've been seeing a lot about Ambush, the new, smaller-sized game mode for Kings of War that'll be in the game's new edition book. Well, we're headed the other direction this time with a look at Legen
So, you're running your gaming session and you want to throw some monsters at your party (figuratively... probably...) and you get your monster stats out... and you've gotta flip pages this way and th
Want to know even more about the upcoming Kings of War edition change? Want to hear it right from the CEO of Mantic? Well, you can as Ronnie's posted up a video answering your questions.
The One Ring RPG lets you travel the lands of Middle-earth, making your own name for yourselves. This fall, Free League Publishing is expanding the world as they release Ruins of the Lost Realm, the f
Ambush is the upcoming, smaller-army-sized version of Kings of War coming in the new edition. We get a look at how army building in this new variant will work in this preview from Mantic.
The Gorechosen of Dromm revel in bloodshed and mayhem. They exemplify this in the cards that they have for Warhammer Underworlds: Nethermaze. Get a look at what's in their deck in this preview.
WizKids doesn't just have one or two new sets coming out for Pathfinder Battles. No, they've got 6, including <weewoo weewoo weewoo> a giant dragon. Head through and check out all the Impossible
Skirmisher Publishing has released more than just an encounter or an adventure, they've released a self-contained campaign-length book for 5th Edition. It's At the Shrine of Othrys and you can purchas
The new edition of Kings of War has a new format with it as well. It's Ambush and you can get a look at this smaller-size game mode in this preview from Mantic Games.
Ah yes. No buff dudes or big armor or anything like that. The Ogor Mawtribes are instead built on the same body type I have. Representation matters. And they're getting a new battletome in Age of Sigm
Kings of War's newest edition is up for pre-order over on the Mantic website. But there's more than just the new book. There's new model kits as well, including <weewoo weewoo weewoo> Giant Drag