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Under the sea. Under the sea. That's where the next season of Warhammer Underworlds is headed. Though the beach season is coming to a close here in the northern hemisphere, it's just getting there dow
What's Paizo working on? What books can you expect to come out soon? Any surprises in store? You can find out all about it as Paizo has posted their Keynote Address online for you to watch.
It's a celebration! Or, it will be. Wizards of the Coast is getting ready for a big party next week with D&D Celebration. And they're going to be spending all week looking into some new releases t
Paizo has announced that they are going to be opening up the ability for people to make content based in the Pathfinder and Starfinder worlds via their Infinite program. If you're familiar with Wizard
The Kruleboyz are the new sub-faction for the Orruk Warclans on the block in Age of Sigmar. And as players are starting to get to know them, Games Workshop will be releasing new kits for them. In this
The Orruk Warclans are getting reinforcements in Age of Sigmar this week as part of Games Workshop's pre-orders. That includes Gobsprakk the warlock. Get a detailed look at his figure in this preview.
"Boids! He keeps boids! ... ... ... Boids!" You'll be able to get your own boid... I mean, bird, with the upcoming releases for Warhammer Underworlds. Get yourselves a look at Taros, a new Aetherwing
The Orruk Warclans got their new Battletome up in the Games Workshop webshop this past weekend. Next weekend, they're getting a bunch of new kits to go along with it. But that's not all, as there's a
Let's get some appropriate music in here for this one. Ok, Privateer Press has posted up a new adventure for the Iron Kingdoms RPG. And, if you listened to either of those songs, or you simply saw the
Games Workshop has a whole host of new pre-orders available over in their webshop this week. And it's some big stuff. The Stormcast Eternals and Orruk Warclans have their new Battletomes for Age of Si
Normally associated with the forests, the Elves are hitting the waves in Armada. Mantic has started taking pre-orders for this new fleet. You can get a starter, a supplement, a big ship, and a flier a
The Orruk warclans are getting a new Battletome in Age of Sigmar soon. If you're wondering what some of their new Warscrolls will look like, you get a chance in this preview. One's a pretty big 'un (a
Though Paizo won't be at the actual Gen Con event in Indy this year, they're still doing plenty with Gen Con Online. They've posted up their streaming schedule for the event over on their website. Be
If you're looking to take Conan and his friends on new adventures in the Conan RPG from Modiphius, you're in luck. Two new pdfs have been released on their website, bringing you plenty of action for y
The Orruk warclans are getting a new Battletome for Age of Sigmar soon. That will include new rules for the Path to Glory system that's being added to the game. In this preview, we get a look at what
Steamforged has a new Epic Encounter pack available to order over in their webshop. This time, you're facing off not just a single undead, but a whole arena full of them. Head over and get your name o
A new Battletome for the Stormcast Eternals is making its way to Games Workshop's pre-order page this weekend. In this preview, we get a look at some of the special rules that are coming for the Age o
Steamforged is bringing more action to your D&D games with another new Epic Encounters box. This time around, it's the Tower of the Lich Empress. You can get your name on the list now so you can b
The Orks in 40k got themselves a new Codex this past weekend. Well, the fantasy Orruks in Age of Sigmar are right behind them with a new Battletome of their own this coming weekend. And opposing them
The goblins in the region want to get a hold of the sentient sword, Goblingrief so that they can destroy it. They've taken a hostage in order to show they mean business. It's up to the party to find t
Paizo has a whole host of new releases for Pathfinder and Starfinder over in their webshop. Arguably the biggest is their Secrets of Magic supplement for Pathfinder. There's even a special-edition har
Players are always looking for new options for their characters. And while the core races in D&D are fine, there's not exactly a ton of them. Well, with The Delver's Guide to Beast World, the opti
The lands of Central and South America are vast and filled with a rich culture and heritages stretching back into history. They have many mythologies that have been brought to a pair of new RPG supple
"More Options!" It's the cry of every gamer and DM out there. If you're looking to bring a whole host of new options to your games, you'll want to check out Valda's Spire of Secrets. It's a new 5th Ed
When busy, it tends to make time go by faster. I've been busy this week, so when I woke up and it was like, "Oh, Wednesday already" it was kinda nice. But, I am feeling a bit peckish. Think it's time