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Familiar Tales

Even if lockdowns and isolating weren't still a thing, there's times when nobody else is around but you just gotta get your gaming in. Thankfully, there's often solo mode in games. Familiar Tales will
There are many who would do harm to the royal heir that the familiars have been put in charge of protecting. And sometimes, it's going to come to blows to keep the little tyke safe. Get a look at just
In Familiar Tales, a group of wizards familiars are having to take care of the heir of the kingdom. But anyone with a kid knows that taking care of one isn't easy. Get a look at how it'll work in the
In Familiar Tales, players take on the role of wizard's familiars looking to keep the royal kids safe. As they adventure, they will become more skillful at what they do. We get a look at how that'll w
The Familiars each have their own unique skills and abilities. But that doesn't mean they're always successful in everything they do. In this preview for the upcoming adventure game, Familiar Tales, w
The heir to the kingdom has gone missing and it's up to a group of wizard's familiars to find them. But they're not alone in their journey, they have some aids in the form of the Campaign Journal and
A royal heir. A group of wizard's familiars. An evil force. All are merging together in Familiar Tales, a new story crafting game coming from Plaid Hat Games. In this preview, we get a look at the wor
The young heir to the kingdom has wandered of into the woods. Along with them is a group of wizards' familiars to keep them safe. But there's nefarious forces at play in those woods. Will the child st