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Fabled Environments

There's always more options that players will want for their characters. The Pelion Report for Olympus Inc. is a new book filled with all those new sorts of options. It includes a total of 7 new blood
Yarr arr yarr! I loddie the hotpants!Fabled Environments has released their new book, Buccaneer: Through Hell and High Water, for the Savage Worlds system. It is filled with rules to bring the Golden
I have some friends who are followers of the old Norse gods. Like, legit-wise. You hear about that from time to time, but you don't hear too many people saying they're followers of the old, Olympian p
A secret war is being fought all around us at all times.And no, I'm not in need of a tinfoil hat. This isn't some conspiracy like that.No! This type of conspiracy involves the Greek gods and Titans th
Organized Crime has ways to make sure that their illegal activities are covered up. From simply denying that they know what happened to someone that's gone missing, to claiming, "it fell off a truck"
A dense fog falls over Atlanta this Wednesday. Though it's supposed to actually be a nice day later on.A lot of people are headed towards Boston for PAX East this upcoming weekend. If you're traveling
Fabled Environments launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund a new gaming map for RPGs. This one's based on a high school.From the campaign:Fabled Environments is proud to announce their newes
Fabled Environments has made it to their second stretch goal over on Kickstarter. Go check it out.From the campaign:Just wanted to let everyone know that we've reached our second Stretch Goal this eve
Fabled Environments has launched their first ever Kickstarter for a 100-store, 2-story mall map, good for all sorts of minis gaming.From the campaign:Launched on August 16th, this project is for a .PD
Fabled Environments has a new map available: The Arctic Research station. Beware of dogs. They may not be what they seem to be. (though I guess that'd be antarctic, but still...)From the release:Fable