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Ex illis

Chinchilla Games has their Ex Illis Kickstarter campaign underway. Go check it out.SourceFrom the campaign:Ex illis is a miniature wargame set in a pseudo-historic fantasy world populated by the histo
Ex-illis has posted their newest release Lucifer, The Fallen Angel.
Total Wargamer will be holding an Ex Illis intro tournament. From their announcement: On Saturday 17th September Total Wargamer is hosting an Ex-Illis beginners tournament, you don’t need to have pla
Bastion had posted the concept art for the Ex-illis Dwarven Warrior.
Bastion have added the Ex illis Daemon Hordes boxed set to their online store. From their website: The Daemon Hordes box contains a unit of eight fleaudian and demonic troops (Berserkr or Legionari