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Evil Mushroom Games

Evil Mushroom Games is running a sale over on their website for Halloween. Check it out.From the sales sheet:Its Halloween so as way of offering to please the dark forces . Evil Mushroom Games is havi
Evil Mushroom Games is going to make your table look that much better with their new Webway terrain piece.From the release:New Scnery has been added to the webstore Webway Scenery . Webway Ancient Ali
Evil Mushroom Games has some new sci-fi and fantasy bases for your models to help display your army.From their website:Ideal for a display base or something different for your models to be stood
Evil Mushroom Games has updated their website to be better than ever. Go check it out!From the update:Evil mushroom games have over the last month or so took the old site down and been doing some hous
Evil Mushroom Games is happy to say they're in the final stages of getting a new piece of war gaming scenery ready and released for sale:From their post:The blog has been updates with some more info a
Evil Mushroom Games announces new resin bases have now been finished and added to the bases section in the shop:From their website:25mm and 40mm sound Yin Yang style bases.I’m sure theses will make go
Evil Mushroom Games has added to the shop some blank recess bases in 30m 40mm & 50mm round DS: From their website:These DS bases have a much deeper recess than a standard base ( approx 3mm deep), to a
Evil Mushroom Games will be giving away free skull bases, with orders, for a limited time. From their website: Well my car has decided to cost me some money meaning I need a little boost . so what