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Like many game companies and conventions, Renegade Game Studios is headed online with their virtual Renegade Con, happening in just a couple weeks. They've opened up tickets, which are free, but you c
In the time of Corona, having traditional gaming conventions like we did even just at the start of the year isn't entirely feasible. As such, many shows are headed online. One of the biggest is Origin
And another convention gets cancelled. This is one of the biggest of the year, so it's no small news to hear that Essen Spiel is cancelled for 2020. But, even though Germany has done a pretty good job
Paizo's PaizoCon Online 2020 is coming soon. They've got about a billion things going on, including a ton of things on their Twitch Channel. One would need some sort of guide to keep track of it all.
PaizoCon Online is coming up soon. The company's posted up a page with a whole bunch of resources for you, including where you can sign up for events (and when those goes live), a link to a Discord se
In the world of COVI-19, large gatherings of people is pretty much over with for now. But we still have the internet. Thanks to various platforms for video conferencing, virtual conventions seem to be
With regular conventions being cancelled all over the world, many game companies are turning to virtual conventions so you can still get all those cool panels, previews, and more. Renegade Game Studio
Just like a lot of other shows this year, Reaper Miniatures has been forced to cancel ReaperCon. With everyone's safety a top priority, it's just not a good time to have shows right now. Maybe 2021 we
So, we really shouldn't be congregating in large crowds right now. But, thanks to the internet and whatever dice you're reading this story on right now, we can still be together even when we're far ap
So, we're not supposed to go outside or congregate in large numbers right now. This has lead to the cancellation of many events all over, from little ones all the way up to things like San Diego Comic
One Page Rules has another big update on their site. As usual, there's some new rules, new minis, and more. One of those "and more" things that you might want to check out is Game Jam 2020, a 48 hour
The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the convention schedule for this year. It's going to be a pretty light year for actual events, it seems, as one more has been removed from the list. I mea
This is almost the exact opposite of most of the event posts I've been making lately. Paizo has announced that they will be running Paizocon Francia in August. If you're in the region, you might just
Yes, it's a big weekend for virtual conventions. Cryptozoic Con is happening this weekend. Starting tomorrow at Noon Pacific, you can see all the cool things Cryptozoic has been working on. They've go
What? A gaming convention? We're not supposed to go to those!
Cryptozoic Con is happening next week. Want to get some cool exclusives? Get sneak peeks of what's coming up? Possibly win some cool swag? It can happen! What's that? You can't leave your house? That'
Marcus 119 days ago
Nice to see a con the is still going to happen (virtually) in the age of Covid!
TGN_Polar_Bear 118 days ago
Yeah. The "Virtual Convention" was something a few people had done before. In the future, I see it as being a much bigger thing.
Renegade Game Studios is running their Worldwide Play Days every Wednesday. You can tune in with them and watch some games and play along. You can even win prizes! This upcoming week, they'll be playi
Here we are at the start of a new month. This is going to be a rough one for a lot of us. But being informed, even if it's not the brightest of news, is still better than just being in the dark. That'
Like every company, Paizo's been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. They've posted an update about how things are going over there. Long story short: no physical shipments for 2 weeks, PaizoCon for th
Every day, we're seeing more and more updats about what we can expect going forward with the rest of the year as the pandemic continues to evolve. In this update, we have a look at WizKids, who have u
It's just the theme of the day, unfortunately. Games Workshop has cancelled Warhammer Fest 2020 and other events all over the world. It's just not a good time to be getting together in big numbers.
Staying home and not gathering in groups larger than 10 is a key way that we can ease the strain on the doctors and nurses during this outbreak. Obviously, that means no big gaming conventions. WizKid
Unfortunately, that featured image is a lie. Adepticon XVIII will not be held March 25-29th in Schaumburg. The show has been cancelled. Because of the virus outbreak happening, the convention staff fe
Paul 145 days ago
As someone who works in the live event/hospitality arena, and while I'm bummed that it's been cancelled, I applaud the organizers for making the tough decision. It'll have financial repercussions for vendors and the promoters etc, but health comes first for everyone! Kudos to the Adepticon team.
Buying direct can save you when it comes to your pocket book. You can also make sure that you get exactly what you want. But then there comes shipping fees. That can often negate any savings you had.
Growing up in Chicago, I would hear about relatives taking trips up to Lake Geneva to rest and relax. It's known as a resort town, and has been for quite a long time. However, back when I was 7, I did