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If you're looking to have an amazing time connecting with the gaming world, nothing beats a Geek Nations Tour event. And they've got another one coming up. Nottingham is the epicenter of the miniature
A new Bolt Action starter set is coming out soon and Warlord Games is going all-out with a launch weekend event. Head on over to their page and see what stores in your area will be having this event.
Funko Pop! Baby Yoda
For 10 years now, famous cartoonist John Kovalic has been doing his bike ride for charity, looking to raise money for FairShare CSA. Donations are being taken now and you can get some pretty amazing s
It's the first day of Gen Con... and I'm not in Indy... *sad bear noises* Oh well. Those that are up at the ICC can head over to the Paizo booth and pick up some new releases for Pathfinder and Starfi
With Gen Con starting tomorrow, expect a lot of previews about what will be at the show. And Cryptozoic is adding theirs to the pile as they show off what they'll have there, including new stuff never
Bushido is getting itself a new faction this upcoming weekend as Inari’s Judgement is making its way to tabletops. Those at Gen Con will be able to pick them up directly from GCT at the show while the
Ronnie, the head of Mantic, gives us a brief look back at the first half of the year for Mantic and also a little look forward at what we can expect from them for the rest of the year, plus some Gen C
<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Battletech always gonna be setting of the Giant Robot Alert. Gen Con is essentially right on top of us and if you're wondering what Catalyst Game Labs is going to have in
Paizo's headed to the land down under in September for PaizoCon South Pacific 2022. For those that can't generally make it up here to all the northern hemisphere shows, you might be able to make it to
Gen Con's coming up very rapidly. Sounds like it's going to be a wild time. Wish I could go. But those that can should stop by the Pandasaurus booth. They've got quite a lot going on that they want yo
Sure, we've been talking a lot about Gen Con lately, but Warlord Games has their own event, their Open Day, coming up as well. Click on through to see their planned events and more.
Gen Con's in just a couple weeks. Unfortunately, I won't be there, but Paizo will be. They've got a little preview of what they'll be having at the show, as well as an update about some online events
We're halfway through July. Seems like a good time for a July update from Plaid Hat Games. Much of it focuses around the upcoming Gen Con and the events and goodies they'll have in Indy for the show.
Gen Con will be here before you know it. And it's the first time in a couple years that it's looking like it'll be a big show again. Fantasy Flight is headed back, and they've got a preview of what th
Modiphius' RPGs are known for the 2d20 system they use. Well, Modiphius is wanting to celebrate the system and all things RPG on July 20th. More than just a sale, they've got a whole set of things lin
It almost seems hard to believe that Gen Con is really just around the corner. But it is and that means companies are getting ready. And you can get ready, too, and make sure you've got the latest and
Goblin King Games is looking to upgrade one of their fan's favorite characters in Moonstone. It's Eric the Squire. He's going to be getting himself an awesome mount. But what exactly he'll ride into b
Man... I'd not thought about it, but Gen Con isn't that far away. And even though I'll probably not be going, it's still something to be excited about. Wyrd's certainly excited, as they're coming out
Games Workshop is excited to be releasing a giant addition to their paints line and they want to celebrate with you. They've announced their Paintathon event that you can join in from just about anywh
With the billion things I've had going on lately, I totally forgot that Free RPG Day is coming up this weekend! Thankfully, Paizo gave me a kindly reminder as they're previewing their stuff they have
I know, the featured image makes it look like Gen Con will be in June. That's not what it means. It's the June update from Plaid Hat and they're pleased to announce that they're heading to Gen Con lat
Events are starting to become a thing again after several years of "not really so much." And that's amazing, because it means we can all hang out in-person again. And for those that want the super-del
Who's ready for another event? Plaid Hat Games is. They've announced AshCon 2. Head over to check out the details. We're just under a week away from the launch.
Want to head to PaizoCon? You can get your tickets now. Can't make it out to their location but still want to go? Then you can get your tickets for PaizoCon Online as well. Both are available now.
Mantic Games is going to be launching a global event for Deadzone in just a couple days. It's called Magnetar and if you're interested in joining and getting some more info about it all, you'll want t