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A week ago, Gen Con Online was getting underway with plenty of cool announcements and other things from various companies. It could be difficult to know everything that went on. Thankfully, Wyrd's her
One of the things that I enjoyed the most about Gen Con was perusing the dealer's hall, looking for all the great deals, exclusives, and pre-releases that were available at the show. And while I'm not
It's time. Wyrd Games always has a bunch of cool alternate sculpts and pre-releases available to purchase during Gen Con. Well, it's Gen Con Time, so it's Wyrd Sale Time as well! Head on over to their
It's the Greatest 4 Days in Gaming. It's simply happening in a different location than usual. Where is it happening? Absolutely everywhere you can get online. Portal Games is attending and they've pos
Gen Con Online is right around the corner. While it won't be exactly the same as being in Indy, it will still be pretty awesome, with events and sales. Free League Publishing will be there, and they'l
Like most companies, Looney Labs will be headed to Gen Con Online this weekend. While they're showing off Spongebob Squarepants Fluxx, they've also got handy links for all your Gen Con Online needs, f
Gen Con Online is happening this weekend. And while it might not be the same as being in Indy, companies are still having lots of great online previews of what they're working on. That includes Blue O
We're a week away from Gen Con Online. All the companies are getting their stuff together for the show and posting up when you should tune in. Paizo's got plenty going on, of course, including live-st
Gen Con Online is just around the corner. And, like when the show was in Indy, companies are posting up what they'll have in store. In this case, it's Z-Man Games giving us insights into what you can
Every year, Wyrd Games goes all-out with their special deals, pre-releases, and alternate sculpts that they have at Gen Con. Well, this year's no different, even if the show is happening online. Want
Shows are being run a lot differently this year due to the pandemic. And that means that more people can actually attend, since you don't have to worry about travel and hotels. You can (and should) ju
In this time of COVID-19, conventions are going digital. It's been a big adjustment for everyone, but hey, if we can still have conventions in some form, it's better than having no conventions at all.
In a COVID-19 world, we're having to make a lot of adjustments in terms of gaming conventions. Many are moving online and many game companies are choosing to simply have their own events. Portal Games
This is turning into the year of virtual conventions. And some of the biggest are still coming up. Paizo's giving us a look into what you can expect for them, as well as some updates to their various
Gen Con is going to be virtually awesome this year, literally. The show's moved online and brought a lot of things with it, including events. In this instance, Paizo's letting us in on how their event
Considering the pandemic is still raging strong, many gaming conventions have been cancelled physically to move to virtual events. This weekend, we've got Virtual Gaming Con. The event's going on now
Gen Con will be held in Indianapolis this year. Also, Atlanta. And Chicago. And London. And Sydney. And Sao Paolo. And everywhere else all at once because the event isn't happening physically, but onl
So, in short order Origins Online was cancelled. Paizo had planned on running events there, but also have extra events going on at ConCurrent which was going to run concurrently (Oooooh... I get it no
Virtual Conventions are the way pretty much every gaming show is going this year. Since we really shouldn't be gathering in the hundreds or thousands, but we pretty much all have internet (at least, t
It might be easy to think that the pandemic is over because places are starting to open up again, but that's very much not the case. Cases are still high and it will be a while before we get back to f
The world of gaming conventions is going digital. How does that impact Organized Play programs such as Paizo's? Well, in this update, they give you a look. They're still running events online and are
It's Friday! Woo! Gateway to the weekend. Don't have much going on this weekend? I think you do. You can head over to Renegade Con! What's that? You can't leave your house? That's fine, because the wh
Well, the first one went well. Why not have another? Cryptozoic has announced Cryptozoic Con II: Crypt Harder. *gets a note* I'm being told that "Crypt Harder" is not actually a part of the official t
So, like many conventions this year, Gen Con was cancelled. However, also like many conventions this year, they're moving things to a more virtual space. The Greatest 4 Days in Gaming are going digita
Having been a convention coordinator for a brief period of time, I know just what sort of work goes into doing the job. Let's just say that I'm glad that I'm an editor/proofreader now and have passed