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Eureka Miniatures

Some of you may remember Realm - Fantasy Battles by Serious Lemon. It was a fantasy miniatures game that they produced. Then the game went away for a while. Well, it's back and now being made under th
Model Dads takes a look at the 15mm resin fortifications and buildings from Eureka Miniatures and gives you their thoughts on the subject.SourceFrom the review:Model Dads arrives in the Land Down Unde
DND Dice Set - 20x7 (140 Pieces)
Eureka Miniatures has released two sets of Afghan National Police minis in 28mm scale.SourceFrom the release:Kosta has chosen to model the Afghan National Police rather than the Afghan National Army (
Model Dads has a review up of Eureka Miniature's SEAL Team 6. Are these the right SEALs for you?SourceFrom the review:Model Dads takes a look at Eureka Miniatures’ two takes on SEAL Team 6
Eureka Miniatures is now solely in charge of production and distribution for the 20mm AB WII Miniatures line.SourceFrom the announcement:As you are no doubt aware, for the past seven years Eureka Mini
Eureka Miniatures has some new Aurochs cattle available over in their webshop.I've had some friends looking for livestock minis lately, hope this helps 'em out.SourceFrom the website:For centuries a m
Eureka Miniatures expands their historicals line with some new WFR Austrian Hussars.SourceFrom the release:As promised in our recent Newsletter 9, here comes the second of our four Austrian cavalry re
Eureka Miniatures takes to the islands with the release of their 20mm US Marines for the Pacific Theatre.SourceFrom the release:Eureka’s 15mm range of WWII US Marines have always been a popular seller
Eureka Miniatures has new 15mm British Heavy and Light Dragoon models available over in their webshop.SourceFrom the announcement:Tony Barton’s latest Waterloo releases are British Heavy and Light Dra
Eureka Miniatures expands their Toy Soldiers and Teddy Bears minis ranges with their latest couple of releases.From the release:May saw the Sheffield Triples Best In Show award go to the Brompton Bank
Model Dads gives us a look at Eureka Miniatures' 15mm Modern Russian models and tells us how they feel about them.From the review:Model Dads gets acronym obsessed as we review Eureka Miniatures’ Moder
Model Dads posted up a video review of Eureka Miniature's 15mm Chechen models. And here it is...From the review:Model Dads continues its foray in to Moderns with a look at Eureka Miniatures' recently
Eureka Miniatures has new French Revolution Horse-drawn Artillery and Limbers available over in their webshop.From the website:We have both four and six horse teams available in walking and running po
Laughing Monk Miniatures (available only through Eureka Miniatures) has released their new Daughters of Set unit.Note: the PG-13 version is below. NSFW versions through the link.From the release:Just
Eureka Miniatures posted up some preview photos of some Modern Somalis they've been working on and will have available soon.From the preview:A sneak preview of some of the new Somali figures we will h
Eureka Miniatures has some new Dark Ages (as in the time, not in the game) minis they're testing out over on their website. The ones that get purchased a lot will see more designs for them.From the we
Eureka Miniatures has some new German Infantry for their Jurassic Reich line. They'll be available for everyone soon, but those going to Historicon even sooner.From the update:Sculpted and painted by
From their announcement:Eureka have released a second set of poses for their Beowulf range, in the thick of the action. In addition to these Nordic heroes, a specially commissioned figure of the Irish
Eureka Miniatures have released a set of 28mm S.E.A.L Team 6 figures. From their website: Our set of six 28mm figures have been depicted with M4 carbines, tricked out with the usual array of infra-
Eureka Miniatures have released two 28mm 1980’s Soviet and Afghan Heavy Weapons - a 12.7mm Dshk MG and an 82mm mortar. From their website: Both weapons come supplied with a two person 28mm crew, or
Eureka Miniatures have posted an update on their 28mm Wars of the Revolution miniature project. From their website: Just in case you were starting to think we had gone a little quiet concerning our
Euraka Miniatures have released a 28mm Martian Fighting Machine and Martian Cephalopod. From their website: We are pleased to welcome a new range to Eureka Miniatures from our associates at Ozbattler
Euraka Miniatures have released several new packs of 28mm Italian Wars Gendarme archer figures. From their announcement: As with our Gendarme figures, collectors can order their Archers with either
Eurkea Miniatures are having a fire sale on their stock of GZG 28mm resin vehicles. From their announcement: The new owners of the 28mm GZG resin range, Daemonscape, have decided that having producti
Eureka Miniatures have released a series of figures representing the various sides involved in the Rhodesian conflict. From their announcement: Although under international arms embargo, Rhodesia n