Escenorama adds painting service add-on to Sci-Fi Terrain Indiegogo campaign

Escenorama adds to their Indiegogo campaign with a painting service for their Sci-Fi Terrain packs.

From the update:

Making a extra contribution you will receive the perks “Bioprocessing pack” and “Container xlpack” painted as in the pics. Select the perk you would like to receive painted and make the extra contribution (let us know with a comentary, please).

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Escenorama updates perk pricing and rewards on Indiegogo

Escenorama has made their perks section easier to navigate by updating and clarifying what is offered at each level.

From the update:

For your convenience we added to each perk the price and its contents on the section “PERK CONTAIN” (Campaign Home)

Para mayor comodidad hemos añadido a cada perk el precio y su contenido en la seccion “CONTENIDO DE LOS PERKS” (Campaign Home)

Manuel Pariente

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New Sci-Fi Supply Depot available from Escenorama

Escenorama launches their new Sci-Fi terrain line with their Supply Depot.

From the announcement:

Now is available the first kit of Escenorama SCIFI line, Supply Depot. This kit contains many pieces for mount the Supply Depot in different ways. Also you can use multiple SCIFI’s kits, same or different, to unite them with each other in width and height. All parts of the SCIFI’s kits are interchangeable.

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Escenorama has released new "Corrupt" bases

Escenorama is on your bases, corrupting your minis... in a way, at least. They've got new "Corrupt" bases available.

From the release:

Escenorama just released a new round Serie bases, CORRUPT.
Four round bases blisters are now available:
- D25 mm Corrupt (10 differents models per blister!!!)
- D40mm Corrupt (3 Different models per blister!!!)
- D60mm Corrupt (1)
- Megapack: 34 bases (30xD25, 3xD40, 1xD60) Only for 34,95€

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Escenorama has new Alter De Arus terrain

Escenorama has a new modular piece of terrain for your gameboard, the Altar of Arus.

From the website:

The “Altar of Arus” is an item made ??with high quality resin using a more advanced manufacturing process, which allowed us to obtain a product with a higher quality than others items of Escenorama. This new production process will be applied to other previous articles and upcoming developments, given the excellent results.

A very versatile element that you can mount in several different ways.This item can be used in your fantastic or historical wargames. March 15 “Altar of Arus” will be available at the Escenorama’s online shop and March 5, in E-mini’s online shop. This item need to be mounted and painted.

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