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Escenorama has a new modular terrain system available over in their webshop. The first is a set of ruins for a mansion.From the release:We present the new line of modular buildings in ruin for 28mm. S
Escenorama adds to their Indiegogo campaign with a painting service for their Sci-Fi Terrain packs.From the update:Making a extra contribution you will receive the perks “Bioprocessing pack” and “Cont
Escenorama has made their perks section easier to navigate by updating and clarifying what is offered at each level.From the update:For your convenience we added to each perk the price and its content
Escenorama launches their new Sci-Fi terrain line with their Supply Depot.From the announcement:Now is available the first kit of Escenorama SCIFI line, Supply Depot. This kit contains many pieces for
Escenorama gives you more ways to customize your minis with their new Industrial bases.From the release:Escenorama just released a new round Serie bases, INDUSTRIAL.In blister packs of 25mm, 40mm and
Escenorama is on your bases, corrupting your minis... in a way, at least. They've got new "Corrupt" bases available.From the release:Escenorama just released a new round Serie bases, CORRUPT.Four roun
Escenorama has a new modular piece of terrain for your gameboard, the Altar of Arus.From the website:The “Altar of Arus” is an item made ??with high quality resin using a more advanced manufacturing p