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Happy Games Factory is... uh... happy to announce that Escape, their board game set in their Eden universe, is now available. And not content with just one version, they have two available for you to
Several prominent scientists and businessmen have warned us about the use of AI. Others are like, "what harm could it really do?" Well, if you have an AI that's isolated from everyone else due to a se
Taban Miniatures has Wave 1 of their Escape board game now available for purchase over in their webshop.SourceFrom the release:For those who missed our Kickstarter campaign last june, Escape wave 1 is
Taban Miniatures is in their final hour over on Kickstarter for their Escape board game. If you were waiting until the last minute, it's your time.From the campaign:I don't know if we will have enough
Taban is showing off some more stretch goals for their Escape board game as well as some new model previews.From the update:Taban keeps unlocking new stuff and revealing new stretch goals for their fi
Taban Miniatures posted up some new preview artwork for their Escape board game. Hopefully they'll unlock it as a stretch goal in their Kickstarter campaign.From the preview:New Escape concept unveile
Taban has some new model prototypes posted up in their Escape Kickstarter.From the update: Martin and Dr Ito prototypes upThey are both eagerly waiting for Pamela to be unlocked...Here are some pics o
Taban Miniatures is showing off this new artwork on their Escape Kickstarter campaign. They're also running a Facebook contest.From the update:Win a resin copy of the Puppet Master !We want to celebra
Taban posted up a photo depicting all the initial box contents for their upcoming board game, Escape.From the preview:Initial box content ! Let's buff it up together during the campaign