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Era: Lyres Pocket Edition

Man, there was this one time, I was fishing, see, out on the Mississippi river with my dad. We'd not had the best of days fishing, but as they say, "a bad day fishing is better than a good day at the office." Anyway, as we were about ready to head back to the dock for the day, I happened to notice my line moving in the water. Now, as I said, this was on the Mississippi and my line was just steadily heading its way upstream. It took a minute to realize what was going on. Well, I grabbed the rod, pulled back to set the hook and started reeling. I don't know what was on the other side of the line, but it was tough. Just as I was about to land whatever lunker I'd snagged on to, a whole horde of rampaging Visigoths burst onto the shoreline and we had to motor our way out of there!*
Yeah, it worked up until a point, anyway. Era: Lyres is a collective storytelling RPG where you and your other players try and tell a convincing story, with with GM playing the part of the crowd and giving you their reactions. The pocket edition for the game is up on Kickstarter now.
Well... that was a bit of an adventure.
For those interested in keeping track, Monday I noticed my car had a coolant leak. Tuesday I took it into the shop. They originally said, "it'll just be a couple hours." Then they said, "it'll be overnight (they needed a part)." So, seeing as I was clear on the other side of town, I crashed at a friend's place (as a 50mi walk home didn't sound fun), picked up my car this morning, and am now back into the office. Hooray!

You know what I could use? A snack. Or at least some snack-sized gaming stories.

Hey! Look what we've got here!

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