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Encounter Elements

Despite the fact that I was in my Wednesday shirt all day yesterday, that we had a Midweek Snippets feature, and several other factors, all day and into the evening I thought to myself, "Well, tomorrow's Friday." Obviously, that is not the case. Friday does not come directly after Wednesday. And my time-jumping skills never fully developed correctly when I was a kid (I had this fever for a while and they just never really materialized the way they should've). As such, it's Thursday. Obviously.
I never could quite get a handle on Thursdays.

So that means we have a Terrain Corner to look at.

Today's articles include: Encounter Bricks Construction System Kickstarter Launches, Infinity-Engine explore R'Lyeh with new Mausoleum model, New items from Thomarillion, Fat Dragon launches snap-lock stackable dungeon terrain Kickstarter, Tabletop-Art Previews Oil Barrels, and Deep-Cut Studios Releases Space Hulk Gaming Mat.

Encounter Elements added a new free-to-download terrain piece to their website. This one's the Heavy Rustic Door.


From the release:

Check out our download page for the NEW "Heavy Rustic Door" download.

Encounter Elements has created some free terrain accessories that you can download and enhance your tabletop sessions.

From them to you:

Cottage Pack Download!
Free bi-fold accessory downloads for use with the Encounter Bricks Construction System.

Encounter Elements is having themselves a sale in honor of tax season.

From the sales sheet:

Celebrate your tax refund with 10% off of the Encounter Bricks Construction System.

Congratulations to Nick Ibell-Pasley of Palmerston Newzealand, our March giveaway winner!

Email for info about future contests and sales.

Encounter Elements is running a giveaway for March.

From the announcement:

Encounter Elements will be giving away a free set of Encounter Bricks during the month of March. Sign up for our mailing list to receive coupons, special offers, and a chance to win your free set of Encounter Bricks. To sign up send an email to

Good Luck.

Encounter Elements

Graven Games posted up a review of the Encounter Bricks terrain construction system. Are they the right terrain blocks for you? Go read and find out.

From the review:

Welcome to today’s review in which we are looking at the Encounter Bricks Construction System from Encounter Elements, a US based company who have developed a construction brick system for use in tabletop games. We love LEGO and other construction systems, so as soon as we heard about these we were excited to get a set and see what kinds of dungeons and other structures we could build for use in our games.

Encounter Elements is yet another company having a Thanksgiving sale. Seems a popular thing to do these days...

From the sales sheet:

Bring your game encounters to their vertical limits with Encounter Bricks.
A new and completely unique gift for the tabletop rpg enthusiast.
Visit 11/23 - 11/26 to check out our Thanksgiving sale.

Encounter Elements now has their Encounter Bricks Construction System available over on their website. Go check it out.

From the announcement:

Encounter Elements is pleased to announce the release of their first product, The Encounter Bricks Construction System, a modular tabletop gaming terrain built with the RPG'er in mind. We were tired of flat battlegrounds, and we were tired of the super expensive 3D terrain options that are available, so we built our own and this is the finished product. We call it a Construction System because we think that you shouldn't be limited in what you're able to create for your RPG adventures. Creativity, Versatility, and Affordability; those are the key elements that we based our product on, and we think you'll understand why after you try out The Encounter Bricks Construction System!