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EN Publishing

When playing Dungeons & Dragons, your class is pretty important. Even your race or alignment really isn't quite as important for your character as your class is. Those others might come up from time to time, but your class comes up pretty much any time you roll the dice. As such, picking just the right class for you is important. Well, EN Publishing has been coming out with various classes for their Patreon backers. Now, they're updating those and putting them together in a single book called A Touch of Class. It has 7 fully fleshed-out classes that you can use in your games. The book's up on Kickstarter now.
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For four decades, 2000 AD has been bringing sci-fi action to newstands. The British magazine has brought us many iconic characters over the years. Soon, a whole set of tabletop adventure games will be making their way to you thanks to EN Publishing. They've got a license deal with Rebellion. The first of these games will be Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000 AD.
Are you looking for a new sci-fi RPG to play with your gaming group? Well, EN Publishing might have just what you're looking for with their N.E.W. sci-fi RPG (for you literalists in the audience). It's always good to see Kickstarter campaigns not only fund, and not only ship, but then be available for the general public. That's just what we've got here. Backers have their versions. Now it's ready for those that didn't pledge.